<Who Is John Galt>
US - H - Suramar - PVE - PST
8/13 Heroic TOT
Sunday & Tuesday & Thursday
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM PST

-JINR ----▓--▓--
-HOR  ----▓--▓-- 
-COE  ----▓--▓--
-TORT ----▓--▓--
-MAG  --- ▓--▓--
-JIK  --- ▓--▓--
-DRO  --- ▓--X--
-PRIM --- ▓--X--
-DANO --- ▓--X--
-IQON --- ▓--▓--
-TWIN --- ▓--▓--
-LES  --- ▓--X--
-RADIN--- X--X--
----▓ = KILL----
----X = ALIVE---

Recruitment Needs

••••••••Elemental Shaman Resto OS not required, but preffered
••••••••Enhancement Shaman
••••••••All other DPS Welcome to apply!


••••••••Prot Pally or Brewmaster or Druid Tank

Above is the list of what we're in need of immediately, however all classes and
specs are welcome to apply. All applications will be looked at.

•Who is John Galt?

<Who is John Galt> is a long standing (6+ Years) hard mode progression guild located on
Suramar (PST-PVE). The guild is comprised of raiders from all walks of life, and from all
raiding backgrounds, who all strive and push each other to the next level to bring down
bosses. While we are a hard mode raiding crew, we are not a guild of elitist pricks. We're
all down to earth, and know how to have a good time, but when it's time to pull, we push
hard and win hard.



Fayenoor      GM                Muskaan#1780
Daemion      Officer
Zeelakk      Officer
Troid         Officer
Sona          Officer
Brαnu          Officer
Kjotvi        Performance Team          Kjotvi991@Gmail.com