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Thread: Primordius - Malformed blood question

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    Primordius - Malformed blood question

    Good day and apologies if I have put this in the wrong thread. I haven't really posted here before, but read it lots and appreciate all the info I find...

    Was wondering about the stacking of malformed blood on Primordious. I understand the DoT stacks with each application, requiring the tank swap, but does the congeal blood which increases the damage against the adds stack as well, or is it a one time aura? Curious because we had a discussion about whether at the pull the second tank should taunt immediately after the other tank gets 1 stack so he can go work on the adds quicker.... Did a bunch of reading and could only find one direct reference to this. The dungeon journal just says ... this effect stacks....Apologies again if this is an obvious or dumb question. Thanks

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