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Thread: Can Someon Explain Garrosh to Me?

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    Someone's taking this a bit too personally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theotherone View Post
    I'm sorry but the Alliance once again gets a raw deal for the story, we lose a city, we lose land, we invade the enemy capitol and walk way with our tail between our legs. Can't wait for the next x-pac, can't wait to see what the Horde gets to get away with.
    Maybe true, but on the other hand, Horde had to put up with Garrosh as their Warchief for over a year. That alone makes up for everything!
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    Since when does theramore count as a city? I mean... c'mon, does anyone even USE boats any more?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bovinity View Post
    Someone's taking this a bit too personally.
    I'm just having some fun with this.

    If we want to be reality based, there's no way Orgrimar could be sacked, the amount of developer and art team time that would be involved would be a waste. The time is much better spent putting out good content, especially the raid content they've delivered this x-pac. Every tier was great.

    In the same vein, there's only so much they can do with the existing world that would not entail lots of art work and dev time to change things up. But, that said, I do like going back and forth over this stuff. The story is fun, but it's kind of secondary to putting out fun content - or so GC has tweeted.

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