I'm a mutant, you're a mutant, we're all mutants!

Hey there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome back to Git Er Raid. This is tier 15 heroic Throne of Thunder and next up is Primordius. What should you do on a fight that has a bajillion adds in it? Add another one for heroic of course! The fight consists of dealing with this extra bigger slime add and then dealing with all of the other normal mode mechanics. You'll have to have 2 tanks for the fight and it can be 2 healed.

So whats the new add do? Well it is called a Viscous Horror and its a fairly simple add. It will stack up a dot on its tank but that dot actually helps you kill Primordius faster so its a good and bad thing. The big big big huge thing to know about the Horror is that it can't get close to Primordius. If it does, it will explode and goodbye raid. 999K nature damage to everyone. Why they didn't just put it at a cool million, I'll never know but whatever, it still kills everyone.

The only other change to the fight is that Primordius himself can have 4 mutations at the same time instead of just the 3 he has on normal mode. All that comes out to be is more raid damage to heal. But I will note that given that extra raid damage, you should probably pay a little more attention to the mutations he has. The two in particular to watch out for are the Volatile Pathogen and the Erupting Pustules. Volatile Pathogen hurts like hell so anyone affected should pop their own defensive CDs and healers should keep a close eye on them. The Pustules are actually avoidable damage so as long as you are moving your feet often, you can completely bypass their damage. That is super helpful for your healers so try to do it as much as possible.

Thats really it. The Viscous Horror and more raid damage from more simultaneous mutations. So lets get into the strategy. First up, lets talk tanks. You are a key to this fight. If you execute your stuff properly, this fight goes very smoothly. Basically, you will take turns handling the big add and primordius so that the dot from the big add doesn't kill you and likewise, primordius' dot doesn't stack high either. We found just switching tanks for every other black ooze seemed to work out. The really important part is to make sure that whichever tank is picking up the big add is ready to do it quickly. Do whatever it takes to grab it and get away from Primordius. You don't have to be on the opposite side of the room with it, but just make sure you keep your distance.

Likewise, the Primordius tank can help out this positioning difficulty by their kiting. You will have to kite the boss, there is no way around it as your dps need the little oozes to die, which in turn means there may be purple puddles trying to get to the boss, which would health the boss for 10%. So keep kiting, but if you see the black ooze spawn near you, get away from it quickly if at all possible. Its all up to the tanks to handle this part cleanly otherwise, nothing else matters.

Dps-wise we choose to have at least one dps fulltime on the Horror. This wasn't always the same person but we made sure someone helped kill each Horror off before the next one spawned. Its crucial that when its time to tank swap, the offtank doesn't have any Horror to bring along while picking up the boss, otherwise, it go boom!

Also of note, as of the recording of this video, its no longer possible to just zerg the boss down ignoring the little oozes. The fixed a bug whereby the damage debuff wasn't correct so you could do like 50% of normal damage to him or something like that if you were not mutated. Nowadays, the debuff is appropriately at 75% damage reduction so you have to have your dps get mutated.

What we chose to do here was send out 3 dps to get mutated and then the other 3 would get mutated after that. This kept up consistent dps on the boss and kept the little oozes dying throughout the fight. That in turn allowed for fewer evolutions by the boss thus reducing raid damage for awhile. As I mentioned we did have one dps full time on the black ooze which was our warlock here. We just had one of the mutated dps cover for the warlock while he got mutated and then they switched back off to their normal duties once everyone was mutated. Our warlock also focused on getting down as many of the little oozes in his spare time as he could so that there was a good supply of helpful puddles around the room for healers and even tanks to pick up. It also helped remutate people once their initial mutations wore off. I'd recommend doing something similar as well.

When to burn lust is a good question and we settled on doing it once everyone was mutated for a 2nd time. This seemed to push him quickly down to execute range and then we could just finish him off. Obviously this call will be dependent on the strength of your dps and whether you are 2 or 3 healing it. We had another 2 plus minutes on enrage so there would probably have been time for people to get mutated a 3rd time but it would've been close. I was in the 1st group of dps to get mutated and I had about 45 seconds left of mutation to go so take that as an average for figuring out dps.

And really, thats all there is to it. Pay attention to all of the normal mode mechanics as well. Like for instance I had to remind the raid to stack in the circle for Caustic Gas to share the damage. Just get your mutation on and keep the black viscous horror away from primordius and this fight will go down for you. Thanks for watching and please comment, like and or subscribe to the video if you found it helpful and....have a good one!