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Thread: [Eu][A]Anointed - Sylvanas - 11/13 H. RDPS and Healers wanted

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    Post [Eu][A]Anointed 25M - Sylvanas - 11/13 H. RDPS and Healers wanted

    Why join us?

    I want to raid 25 man.

    Maybe you enjoy the 25 raid environment, but are tired of joining 25 man guilds that lack stability.
    Anointed are one of the oldest raiding guilds on Sylvanas, formed early 2006. Whilst guilds have risen and fallen Anointed have remained, from its 40 man roots in vanilla to its present day form as a 25 man guild.
    Many of our members can count their time in the raid team in terms of years rather than months.

    My server is dead.

    Anointed are located on the alliance dominated sylvanas server. At time of writing the 3rd most populated EU realm. Basically you won't be short of people to run deadmines with.

    My current guild is full of drama queens

    Anointed like to promote a relaxed raiding environment. Raids are lead with a sense of good humour and gentle cajolement, rather than with an angry man shouting.

    That all sounds good, so what do you need?

    Although we are open to applications of any class and spec, at present we are particularly looking for:

    * Mainly healers
    * But also DPS
    Shadow Priest

    All exceptional and good quality applications will be given serious consideration.

    Awesome, where do I sign up?

    If you wish for any more details please feel free to whisper either the guild master (Robwong) or any of the officers (Steelbright and Obblivion). If you can't find us online just ask any guild member to see if we're on our alts.
    Or you could add the following realId's
    Steelbright : steelbright#2580
    fishwife : fishwife#2318

    To make an application visit our website and forums at http://www.anointed.org.uk , please keep in mind you don't have to use the set app template, so feel free to apply as you wish, just remember to try and show us why you should stand out amongst the crowd.

    The small print

    Anyone wishing to apply should be able to agree to the following:

    * Our current raid times are 19:30 - 00:00 server time, with raid days being Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday and sometimes Tuesday.
    * You are expected to have Teamspeak 3 and to listen what is being said, also being able to talk (or sing) is a bonus
    * We expect you to prepared with new enchants and gems as much as possible
    * Having flasks, food and gold ready for wipes on progress fights is a must
    * You should be prioritizing PvE over PvP, although we do have a strong PvP community to offer despite it not being the focus of the actual guild.
    * Though having good gear will favour you, being someone with a decent personality, and showing good knowledge of the game and your class will serve you better than being decked in awesome epics.
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