Wish I had gotten to see more of it, it was promisingly epic.

Hey there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome back to Git Er Raid. I'm taking a look at PTR fights for the upcoming Siege of Orgrimmar. Next up is Garrosh Hellscream. This is it, this is the big baddie of the expansion. For this one, it seems like you could 1 tank it, but I wasn't able to get into the later phases so I'm not quite sure. With many disconnect problems we didn't get much time either. But anywho, it looks like 2 to 3 healable in 10 man and looks pretty epic so far.

In this first phase, you fight Garrosh and he brings out many friends along the way. He himself only has 2 abilities at this point, he throws his weapon on the ground creating a huge damaging zone. If you kill the weapon off, the zone disappears. Other than that, he just does his Warsong that will massively buff the adds in the fight.

So what adds? Well some grunts come out in 2 groups of 3. They are fairly unremarkable. They sometimes hamstring targets but thats about it. Cannon fodder for your aoe. The shaman is more interesting as he's a typical healer add. He'll heal with Greater Healing Wave and do some dps with Chain lightning. Please note that for every time you interrupt him, he'll cast 25% faster so try to save interrupts for the actual heals.

The last adds are Siege Engineers and they are the really interesting part of this phase. These guys come out and start to activate these Ironstar siege engines. If you can kill the Engineers off, the Ironstars won't come out. But you'll have to do it with ranged dps and one on each side. If they come out, they will roll a big path of death and likely kill anyone they touch. The big thing is that they do damage to the adds too. So the strategy here is to let one Ironstar come out, root and slow the adds and then run away when the Ironstar comes plowing through. Obviously this takes some finesse but you'll likely need this help early on in progression on this boss.

Why? Because it seemed like we couldn't do enough damage to the boss and adds even when 2 healing it. If the adds don't die around this time, it'll be time for the Warsong from Garrosh and the adds will seriously harm your tanks. So basically this phase consists of you dpsing down the adds and Garrosh, letting the adds get rolled by the Ironstar and then finishing them off. Note that the Ironstar still does raidwide damage when it hits the wall so try to be as far away from it as is practical and then heal through the aoe.

Beyond this point, I can only give you tips and strategy based on forum posts and other point of view videos. The goal of that first phase is to get Garrosh down to 10%. At that point, he throws you all into the Realm of Yshaarj. In here, the idea is that you need to dps down the Sha adds and then be able to interrupt Garrosh drawing power from the Heart of Yshaarj. After you interrupt him, he slams the ground with Annihilate so just don't stand in it.

After that, Garrosh heals to full and you have to deal with many other abilities throughout the rest of the fight bringing him back to 10% again. These abilities can get empowered if he soaks up enough energy from Yshaarj in the intermission phases. So I know at this point I'm reading from the dungeon journal and making guesses but we might as well go through it for completion's sake.

Whirling Corruption is a basic whirlwind attack. It doesn't look like it hurts too bad but when it is empowered, it will fire a missile at a player and when it lands, it will create an add that must be tanked. This add must die away from any other adds because it will buff those adds when it croaks.

Touch of Yshaarj will spread to your raid and the only way to get rid of it is to let your raid member get down to 10k health. If empowered, this spell will transform your raid member into a Sha and once again, you'll need to get them to 10k health before they can be freed. Desecrate is just like the weapon from phase 1. Empowered Desecrate is basically an indestructible weapon. And finally Gripping Despair is simply a dot on the tanks. When it becomes empowered, it will explode and do a big chunk of damage the more stacks it has.

So finally, the last phase is at 30% when Garrosh instantly gets all of his abilities empowered for the rest of the fight. Its probably the lust phase. Kill him before he overwhelms you. So take down that big baddie! Smash some adds with Ironstars, don't let Garrosh absorb a lot of power, and survive all his empowered abilities. Thanks for watching and please comment, like and or subscribe to the video if you found it helpful and....have a good one!