Poke dat baddie in the eye!

Hey there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome back to Git Er Raid. This is tier 15 heroic Throne of Thunder and next up is Durumu. What would make his shadowy maze more annoying and difficult? How about we throw some walls in your way! Yes, walls. Unless you have a pally tank or multiple paladins, this is a 2 tank and 2 to 3 healable fight. We did it with 2 heals in this footage and the damage wasn't too bad until later in the fight.

So yeah, walls are not your friends. That is the big change in this fight that you have to deal with. And he doesn't just throw up these walls before the maze phase, he does it during the 2nd light beam phase as well. Fortunately, these walls are killable and all of the sections of a wall share a health pool so it doesn't matter where you hit the wall, it'll all come down together.

If you are having trouble with line of sight or targeting issues with the wall, try changing your angle or target a different section. For example, I had trouble using my pet on any sections except the ones closest to him. Oh and multi dot classes should take advantage of the shared health pool of the walls by dotting up as many sections of a wall as they can. The walls shouldn't last long if your dps focus them but any little bit of extra dps will help out.

There is one other mechanic for heroic mode that is of great concern to your healers. This mechanic is the Dark Parasite. It starts off as a dot put on a random raid member. The dot ticks harder and harder the longer it is on someone but it is dispellable. However, if you dispell it, it turns into Dark Plague which then starts spawning Wandering Eyes that hop on other raid members. These Wandering eyes will inflict a little bit of damage to whomever they hop on, but more importantly, they will copy any damage done to them to the player they are attached to. So if you blow them up, you could kill your raid member.

The general way to deal with this mechanic is to try and heal the person with Parasite as long as possible before dispelling. Then once the Wandering Eyes start spawning, just casually cleave them down over the course of the next little while. The eyes aren't something to focus on at all. Maybe throwing a dot on it or letting it get hit by cleave is probably enough to kill them off safely. Just don't all turn and blast these adds, its really important!

The last change to mention before moving on to strategy is that in heroic mode, you only have 80 seconds to complete the light beam phase. If you don't, he instantly wipes the raid. So don't dawdle in this phase.

So how much does having ice walls screw with your strategy? Well honestly not too terribly much. The biggest thing to worry about is positioning. You can't all be spread out in your own little corner of the room now, you have to pay attention to when ice walls are coming out and be grouped up with the raid. So you'll see we have a blue raid marker here at the front of the room. We always tried to stay on the right side of this marker in general and especially when the ice walls were coming up.

The first set of ice walls will come up a few seconds before the first maze phase. The thing to realize is that you won't be able to judge which direction Durumu will go with his beam until well after the walls come up. So given our positioning, we would focus on the wall that came up to our left just in case he went that direction. If we saw the little squiggly lines on the ground indicating that he was going clockwise instead, we would immediately switch to the wall to our right and get that down. There usually was plenty of time to switch over and get the walls down in time to run the maze so don't panic.

Once you are running the maze, you obviously have to make sure your path ahead is clear of walls so keep killing them until they are gone and then go back to focusing on the boss. Honestly, you just need to focus hard on surviving here as you should be well familiar with running this maze from normal mode.

So having mastered the ice walls and maze phase combo, the next thing to deal with will be the ice wall/light beam combo. Once again, we want to make sure the raid is positioned all together before the walls come out. Obviously you'd like to be able have your light beam assignments not be screwed up by the walls, but also the life drain comes out here a bunch and you really can't afford to not have enough people to soak it. I'll touch on life drain in a little bit, but the lesson here is, stick together before these next walls.

Now, once again the ice walls will come up first and then the light beams will come out. You need to be really careful about beam placement. Its not terrible if the Amber Fog comes out here as you just need to switch over to it and dps it quickly. But it is pretty much a wipe if the Azure Fog comes out. So pay very close attention to the little clouds that indicate the fogs and get that blue beam out of the way.

But at this point you shouldn't be worrying so much about Fogs and worrying more about getting ice walls out of your way. The real killer here too is that if you don't clear a path and your raiders that are supposed to stack in yellow beam can't, then you wipe. Its probably advisable for the person who gets the yellow beam to drop it off in the middle of the 3rd of the room that you get. That way it has a lot of room to move whichever way its going to go. Obviously if there are amber fogs all around the middle you wouldn't purposefully do that, but just pay attention.

On top of all this craziness, you also will have a bunch of life drains. Namely 3 at least during the light beam phase here. This mechanic is no different from normal mode. The boss will heal for a lot if you let this stack higher than 3 on a raid member. That wasn't a big deal on normal mode, but since you have tighter dps requirement here, you can't afford to let him do it very much. He could heal for 10% of his health if you don't handle it properly. Its even worth it to pop things like Widow Venom and other healing debuffs on the boss to minimize his health gains. Again, I know it'll be crazy during the light beams and all that but pay attention to this mechanic or else you'll rue the day! Some groups set up a rotation of people to block the beam, our group just counted on raiders to hop in and out of the beam not letting it stack very high. Do whatever works for your group.

For most groups you will probably have to deal with at least 2 maze phases and 2 light beam phases. From my DBM timers, it looks like the enrage was about 2 and a half minutes away and another maze phase was due in a minute and a half. So I'd say the hard enrage will happen after a 3rd maze phase. The key to not getting to that point is keeping up your dps during the mazes and also handling life drains very carefully. I can't stress the life drain part enough. With our dps, we were sort of able to ignore this 2nd light beam phase and just burn the boss. But if you have even 20% of his health left, its going to be smarter to just keep focusing on mechanics and grind him down.

So kill some frosty walls, kill some more, and handle life drain and you'll poke this boss in his big old eye for fun and loot. Thanks for watching and please comment, like and or subscribe to the video if you found it helpful and....have a good one!