Once again, heroic footage but talking about normal mode.

Hey there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome back to Git Er Raid. I'm taking a look at PTR fights for the upcoming Siege of Orgrimmar. Next up is Malkorok. I lost a hard drive a few weeks back when this one was tested on normal mode so the footage here is from heroic mode testing. But I'll be talking about the normal mode, so this one is a 2 tank and probably 3 heal encounter and involves a Tortos heroic like mechanic with absorbed heals. Besides some simple mechanics, this is probably one of the dps check bosses of this tier.

Again, this is heroic mode footage. Please ignore the massive amount of little orbs all over the place and this slime add. Everything else is relevant so pay attention to all the rest of whats going on here.

So lets talk first about the absorbed heals mechanic since it is fairly important. A few seconds after the pull, the room will be filled with a gas that will absorb all heals and put a shield on people for those heals, just like heroic tortos. There is no need to do anything to get the shield going other than healing people. You can have a shield up to 100% of your max health. At the time of testing, there was a UI indicator for healers that showed if someone's shield was weak or strong. So if they had a small weak shield, their indicator would be red. Yellow meant a medium sized shield and Green was of course, a full strong shield. Basically, heal the people with Red and Yellow indicators and Green people are good to go.

So what do you need this shield for? Well one ability in particular called Imploding Energy. This create 3 little void zones around the room. If someone stands in the void zone within 3 seconds, they'll take the full 800k damage to the face. If no one stands in one of these void zones, they will do that 800k to the entire raid. So of course, you have to have people covering these. And those people should have high shields or else they will die. Damage reduction cooldowns also help here so if you are one of those stacking in these zones, help your healers out.

Tanks, you will simply do some tank swapping for Fatal Strike. Probably 2 stacks or so would be good. Other than that you'll be paying attention the rest of the raid mechanics.

So what else happens here? Well here is the fun part, you need to play a memory game. The boss will use an ability called Arcing Slash that will do a ton of damage to anyone standing in the slam. Obviously, you need to not stand in the slash BUT you need to remember where he slammed. Why? Well after he does a few cycles of slashes and the Imploding Energies, he will cast Breath of Yshaarj. This will do massive shadow damage on any place that was affected by a slash. So yep, you have to remember where the slashes were and stack in an unaffected area so you don't die from the Breath.

So the last ability to note in this phase is Seismic Slam. This ability just hits you for some damage and knocks you into the air. Enjoy your airtime and hopefully you have a good shield up to absorb the fall damage.

So after doing 2 breaths, the boss will transition to the Blood Rage phase. Unfortunately, I don't have footage of this due to the hard drive crash of a few weeks ago, but think of this as Majordomo Staghelm revisited. Everyone stacks up in front to share the big cleave damage he is doing. You blow healing CDs as you have lost any shields from phase 1 and you just survive. The only twist is that periodically, he'll put displaced energy out on a raid member. They need to run out of the raid quickly and be dispelled. It does a massive amount of aoe damage to allies but little to the raid member themselves when dispelled. So just get out, get dispelled and get back in to keep eating the boss' sword to the face.

After a blood rage phase, the boss goes back to phase 1 but with a buff that gives his abilities a 35% damage increase. Its unclear what the enrage is on normal mode. Originally it was 6 minutes but got changed up to 12 minutes. So you figure you probably have around 2-4 blood rage phases. Even after 2 rages, that would be 70% more damage going out from the boss so thats probably the start of a soft enrage for normal mode.

There isn't really anything significant to talk about strategy-wise here. You obviously have to cover the platform for people to soak the Imploding Energy. So assign quadrants and then just hope people can get to them in time. It did seem that in general there was one of them in melee range most of the time, so that could be as easy as telling melee to take any zones that spawn within this inner circle. But basically just make sure you have everything covered. After that, stack up and lust for blood rage phases.

The original ilevel scaling for this one was around 540 if I remember correctly which should hopefully be not too bad for normal mode raiders at this point. Just put out some serious shields on your raid, stack in void zones, and then remember where he slammed and you'll be golden. Thanks for watching and please comment, like and or subscribe to the video if you found it helpful and....have a good one!