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Thread: [H] 10m 2-3 night <I Think It Cleaves> Weekend Raiding Group

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    [H] 10m 2-3 night <I Think It Cleaves> Weekend Raiding Group

    <I Think It Cleaves> top ranked guild on Azuremyst @ 6/13H is LF high quality dps to shore up a new progression group for patch 5.4, The Siege of Orgrimmar. This 2nd 10man group is progression oriented with a 2-3 night schedule. The group has several players with previous 'server first' experience and knowledge as well as past top 50-100 US guild history. Some players even ranking top WoL parses and deep knowledge of the theorycrafting and inner works of their classes. Our experience has taught us we don't need to yell and scream and be jerks to one another to get excellent results. That doesn't mean people don't get called out or coached when appropriate.

    The right applicants will have extensive knowledge of their class, spec and reasonable awareness of raid composition and cohesion. While perfection is not required, we have high expectations for fight mechanics execution combined with solid dps.

    TLDR; We need quality dps with a good attitude to join us. We're currently looking for a healer (resto shaman, hpally, or MW).
    Day/times: Fri / Sun 6pm-10pm PST, invites 15 min prior.

    We are currently 2/13 H.

    If you're interested or have any questions find Spoonybard/Spoonydruid in-game if you're interested or add BT: Spoonybard#1536. You can also reach Tectoněc. BT: Tectonic#1787
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