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Thread: 5.4 - The State of DPS Wars vs. Deathknights (Pve)

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    5.4 - The State of DPS Wars vs. Deathknights (Pve)

    I play and love both DPS warriors and DKs... However, warriors seem to becoming more lackluster as time moves on. I am looking to gear up one of my toons for 5.4 raiding. I was hoping if anyone that has more recently raiding exp. could tell me which might be more viable for raiding next tier? It just seems like dps warriors are bottom of the barrel, but they USUALLY are good in final tiers... Should I stick with DK?

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    Both Classes will have entirely viable DPS specs come 5.4. Typically on HC content at the moment the DPS ranking tend to show Fury>Unholy>Frost>Arms, this is consistent with the SimC data; SMF>TG>Unholy>2hFrost>Arms>DWFrost.

    However if warriors seem lacklustre to you play the DK.
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    Play what you think is more fun, unless you are doing cutting edge progression at the top 100 who cares if your class does more or less DPS than others in full BiS?

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    5.4 - The State of DPS Wars vs. Deathknights (Pve)

    What Val said.

    More to the point, in the raids I have done recently, the damage leaders have been a completely mixed bag. Sometimes a Mage, a lock, a hunter more often than not but I really don't see any evidence supporting DK's being that much better than warriors.

    The bottom line is to play what you want, what is fun and let the chips fall where they may. If you we're at the level of progression concerned with such fine edged min/maxing, you would know the answer.
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