Long time in coming but finally progressing again. Megaera heroic guide for your viewing pleasure.

And the transcript:

Hey there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome back to Git Er Raid. This is tier 15 heroic Throne of Thunde rand next up is Megaera. If you liked her 3 heads from normal mode, how about a 4th? This fight is usually a 2 tank and seems to be a 3 heal fight as well. Although I've seen that 1 tanking can also work if you are very careful about positioning of the tank and melee.

So yes, there is another head to deal with in this fight and another mechanic that goes with it. It is an arcane head and it will spawn on the far left side of the lake here. It has a breath attack as usual. Its not too big of a deal but realize that the debuff that gets placed on the tank for this breath will distribute a certain percentage of healing that is directed at the tank to the raid. Not a bad debuff but it does mean that the tank will receive less healing overall.

The mechanic that goes along with the arcane head is some adds called Nether Wyrms. They have only two attacks, the first is a Nether Spike which is just an arcane blast directed at its target. The more annoying attack is Suppression. This one will stun their target for a full 8 seconds. It must be interrupted as soon as it happens given all the other crap going on in this fight.

So how do you deal with these adds? Well for the most part our group decided to use some aoe Ccs and just keep them locked down until we got to the point of a rampage and then we would cleave them off as we worked on the next head. It helps to have people focus them for a little bit before turning to the boss as they can get stuck in Ccs and you'll need a ranged interrupt to group them up.

Thats really all there is different for heroic mode for this fight. The strategy does change but its fairly simple. Don't ever kill the green head! The aoe coming down from having killed the green head just seriously complicates everything else in the fight so most groups will just kill any non-green head. So you'll kill the red head first, then blue, then arcane, then back to red, blue, arcane and finally blue for head number 7. You will have to watch any tank that is tanking the green head as it will still get its damage buff for each time you kill a head. So by the end that will be at least 100% more attack speed on the green head.

And I lied, there are a few more differences to note but they aren't game changing. Cinders now will create a pool of flame every 3 seconds as opposed to only creating a pool when the target is dispelled. So if you aren't quick, you'll have many pools per Cinders. Likewise, the Torrent of Ice is a little different. The icy ground that remains after a torrent passes will grow to about double its size before it disappears so this just means you have less room to maneuver.

Speaking of positioning, thats probably one of the first things you'll want to nail down and practice. Certainly, you want ranged as far back as possible and healers will have to be in range of tanks. Beyond that its up to you to figure out where to place people. We chose to kind of go right to left on where ranged and healers generally were. That way when we came back to the right, the ice would start disappearing and we'd have more room.

One big note here on positioning, when we got to the arcane head, we had the tank point the head inward instead of out. You can see the star marker here. This let us use all of this room close to the lake to drop Cinders and Ice Torrents which is a huge help in terms of available space. Obviously your melee have to realize the boss is pointed in a different direction and adjust and also the tank way on the other side at green should probably make sure to point that head away some so as to not get hit with the arcane breath, but thats a slim chance anyway.

So have fun killing heads, CC adds and place your ice and fire crud carefully and you'll get this encounter down. Thanks for watching and please comment, like and or subscribe to the video if you found it helpful and....have a good one!