Big olde dino that thirsts for your blood. Pretty simple eh?

Hey there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome back to Git Er Raid. I'm taking a look at PTR fights for the upcoming Siege of Orgrimmar. As always with PTR testing, the bugs will be plentiful and tuning will be off so keep that in mind. Next up is Thok the Bloodthirsty. This big Oondasta like dino is apparently vampiric as he hungers for your raid's blood. It is again a 2 tank fight and not sure if it is 2 or 3 healable yet, probably 3 depending on tuning.

The fight revolves around 2 alternating phases. In the normal phase, he is beating on you, doing some raid damage and gaining energy. When he hits 100 energy he does a big aoe to the raid. He gains that energy faster and faster until you push him into the next phase. How do you do that? Well at least half of your raid has to be “Bloodied” which means they are at half health. Those Bloodied people need to also be stacked up. Once that occurs, Thok goes into the Blood frenzy which is the second phase.

In the Blood frenzy stage, Thok will fixate on random raid members and attempt to devour them. Yes, devour them. And it isn't just a little “ouch he nibbled on me” type devour, its you are dead instantly. So obviously you need to run from him. How do you push him back into the other phase? Well you need to give him something else to snack on besides your raiders. Thats where these cages come into play.

At the start of the frenzy phase, a jailer add will come out to see what is going on. He actually hurts a little bit on your tanks if you don't dispell his enrage but after he dies, if you click on his body, you get a “key buff” which allows you to go open up one of the cages. In 10 man normal there are 3 cages that can be opened. The npcs in there aren't really that important to know but basically the cages could be labeled,fire, ice and poison. Once you open a cage, the npc will come out and a little bit later, Thok will finally get pissed off enough to go chomp them and in doing so, will absorb some of the npc's power. One side note here is that the npcs will also help your raid out for a little bit if you are near them when they get freed. Fire I believe boosts your dps some, the ice guy will heal people until he gets swallowed, and the poison guys seem to boost your dps some as well.

The biggest thing to worry about here is that the abilities granted to Thok after he swallows an npc will depend on which npc it was. So lets go through what each one of those npcs will grant him and that will dictate how the next normal phase will go.

If he swallows the ice guy, his breath attack turns into a frost breath attack, ok duh. If a tank takes 5 stacks of this breath he gets frozen in a tomb of ice. Ok, pretty standard. Likewise, the aoe that he is doing during the phase will also apply a debuff to the random player it hits and, once again, if they get 5 stacks, you need to free them from an ice tomb. Basically just make sure you are ready to break people out of their tombs as quickly as possible.

If he swallows the poison guys, obviously his breath is now poisonous and it applies a stacking armor debuff on the tanks. His aoe becomes poisonous and will also inflict a stacking dot on the raid so that can add up quickly. Finally, the fire guy will turn his breath into flames which apply a stacking dot on your tanks. His aoe gets really annoying as it puts puddles of flames on the ground. You will quickly die if you try stacking up for this so be very careful.

So whats the strategy? Well we had a couple of instances where we were all disconnected so we really only got to try each door out and see what the phase after was like. But my tentative recommendation is going to be to leave the fire door for last and probably do ice or poison first. Overall it seems like you need to be in the normal phase for at least 25% of his health otherwise you'll run out of friendly npcs for him to snack on.

My opinion is that you would probably just try to lust at the start and burn him as low as possible with as many raid CDs burnt as possible and then go into his frenzy phase. Maybe shoot for 65-70% as a dps mark to hit. From that point, you can get the jailer killed, free the npc and do a couple more percent of damage before stacking back up for his normal phase. Hopefully you can take another 20 to 25 percent off of him for each subsequent normal phase and then he'll die. Thats my thought on strategy but we'll see how it works out on live. One last note, he does have a tail swipe the whole fight so don't look at his dino ass.

So thats about it for Thok the Bloodthirsty. Get bloodied to push frenzy phases, avoid getting chomped and use the jailers to free some tasty snacks for this dino. Thanks for watching and please comment, like and or subscribe to the video if you found it helpful and....have a good one!