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Thread: PTR [10 N] Spoils of Pandaria

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    PTR [10 N] Spoils of Pandaria

    Presents Kyle, Presents. Up next is Spoils of Pandaria.

    And the transcript:
    Hey there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome back to Git Er Raid. I'm taking a look at PTR fights for the upcoming Siege of Orgrimmar. As always with PTR testing, the bugs will be plentiful and tuning will be off so keepthat in mind. I got a chance to look the Spoils of Pandaria encounter with a fairly organized group this time. It is, of course,a 2 tank fight and probably 2 healable . This fight is a big old mess but not complicated to execute once you get going.

    The fight is about presents! Yay! Well not so nice presents I guess. You start the encounter up on this platform and then having activated the encounter, two gates drop allowing you to drop down below where all the boxes are. The basic goal of the fight is to open up enough boxes and kill off enough of the adds inside to reach 100 energy and then you hit this lever here to do it all over again in another quadrant. After that second time, the encounter should be over with and you will win.

    Also note that there are 2 different themed quadrants here that you can be in. One is a Mantid type theme, the other is a Mogu theme. If you are walking into the room, the closest to the door on the right will open and it is a Mogu theme, the furthest from the door on the left is a Mantid themed one.

    Although I heard that many raid teams were able to send all 10 raiders down to one side and do the encounter, we chose to send 2 5 man teams consisting of a tank, heal and 3 dps. When learning this encounter it will probably be useful to have each 5 man team learn the one theme, Mogu or Mantid and then as you work into wiping in the next quadrant, switch and have the groups start on the other themed quadrant.

    So what happens in the different quadrants? Well there are so many different types of adds and many of them are just simply trash mobs that do very little to your raid. Those are usually the ones in the small boxes. The medium sized boxes have more interesting mobs that make you think a little bit. And finally there are 2 large boxes that have mini-bosses with a lot of health and more deadly abilities. You can open as many boxes as you want as fast as you want but you'll likely kill yourself if you pull everything. I'll discuss more later about how to approach opening the boxes but I'll go through the add types quickly now.

    On the Mogu side, the large add is the Colossus. And its actually not too deadly. Yeah it will hurt your tank more than the other adds but the main thing it does is spawn additional stone statue adds. These adds roam around and occasionally do a stomp that will stun you. Just stay away from them and eventually cleave them all down with other adds. I will note that for every statue alive, he does get stronger and stronger so either you need to keep the add count low or just kill him before he spawns too many.

    Still on the Mogu side the medium boxes can have two different types of adds, the Anima Golem and the Ritualist. The ritualist isn't too bad, keep interrupting him and dispell the dot that goes out every now and then. The Anima Golem is the one to watch out for. You need to watch for the Matter Scramble. It will put two swirly red zones on the ground with arrows pointing above them. You need to have a raid member in each one of them after few seconds or else the raid will take 300k. Its not a raid wipe but it can be close.

    The small boxes on the Mogu side aren't too interesting. The Quillen are no better than simple trash. The Animated Stone Mogu will throw out a dispellable slowing effect but do little else. The Urn is the annoying one as it'll keep streaming out sparks so try to stay away from them. Try to prioritize it over any of the other small type adds.

    Beyond that, you'll notice a few other crates that have Pandaran relics. These contain monks that will do some basic monk abilities but then when they are defeated will drop a role specific buff that you can gain. The tank one gives you a tank buff, heal one a heal buff, etc, etc. The tank add will slow you and disorient you with a keg smash breath of fire type combo. The healing monk will do a spinning kick that pulls you in and finally the dps monk will blaze a trail of flowers that aren't too fun to stand in. Overall these monk adds should take priority as their abilities will get annoying quickly.

    And one more note on the monk adds, they are the same in either quadrant so as we go into the Mantid themed quadrant, realize you'll be able to get those buffs from the monks if you want to. So now lets take a look at the Mantid side. The large box here gives you a Demolisher. This guy can get annoying quick. His only ability is to put 4 bombs on a random raid member. If you do nothing, those bombs will explode dishing out a crapton of damage. But you gain an extra action button and you can put the bombs down on the ground.

    Basically to handle this, just don't panic and realize you have 30 seconds to get the bombs off of you. Lay them on the outside of the floor or at least not in the way of everything else. Also realize the bombs can chain off of each other so make sure to spread them out a little bit.

    The medium sized boxes on the Mantid side contain Swarmleaders and Wind Wielders. These really don't have anything deadly or troublesome. The Wind Wielder will occasionally spin around in a tornado and come after your raid but thats about it for things to worry about. Lastly, the small boxes contain 3 types of adds. They are Amber Shards, Warcallers,and Bombardiers. Warcallers and Bombardiers don't do too much. The amber shards are the only cause for concern as they will spawn puddles under random raid members. Just need to remember to stay spread out.

    So thats it for the adds. There are more details in the dungeon journal if you care but the only real trick to this encounter is deciding what boxes you are going to open. Give the number of boxes, we found you had to open at least 1 of the large boxes or else you won't have enough energy. It probably is also easiest to open a large one early, and then as you dps down the mini-boss, you take him around to other small boxes and cleave down him and the adds. You'll probably be best off opening the 2nd large one after the 1st one dies and then just killing it as well until you reach 100 energy.

    The encounter was tuned to 530 average ilvl and really its all about deciding what boxes to open and when. You'll just have to figure that out and do enough dps to get them all down in time. If you don't get it done in about 270 seconds, you all die instantly. Fun huh?

    Actually it did end up being pretty entertaining all in all. Just split your raid team up,handle the adds as fast as you are able to, and burn it all down. Thanks for watching and please comment, like and or subscribe to the video if you found it helpful and....have a good one!
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