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Thread: Talk Azeroth w/Olivia - Ep 07 - Hats and Proving Grounds

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    Talk Azeroth w/Olivia - Ep 07 - Hats and Proving Grounds

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    proving grounds

    About Proving Grounds ..

    There was a discussion when the Dungeon Journal was put in place about how ---- people felt that it made things a bit too easy ... and I don't feel like it was used by many people at all ... I think even Lore had said that it took away from people discussing things about the game by making it less of a need to talk about these things with other players etc and people were kind of repulsed at the idea of having such a tool in the game.

    I do like the idea of being able to test macros and frame setups for glitches prior to actually using them in combat but .. if anything

    instead of the random suggestions when you role a character on the Tips section .. it feels like they started to add in a low level explanation of what things do and then dropped off with it .. because levels 1-5 maybe they do show you helpful boxes on what things do and so on ..

    I would be happy if they just put on the website a comprehensive guide to abilities for the classes and how the ui and macros worked ...

    which is already there in bits and pieces but when you changed specs they could just put a link on the screen to show you the guide to playing the spec and some advice and of course the option never to see it again.

    being able to play a single player mode perhaps isn't the way to test a player but i certainly like how they have added more things in the game to do other than just que for a dungeon or a bg

    whats in the blizzard store has always been somewhat of a joke - they will never put anything in it that you would really want to purchase its all novelty items and its barely worth mention

    however i feel like they would sell more of the in game items if they cost less because people would gift them to other people more often - if i see a 3-5 dollar item im prone to by more of them because they are cheap and i don't think about when i buy 3 of them it will be 15 dollars

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    Agreed that those hats are WAY overpriced! $5-$7, maybe. I honestly still wouldn't bother buying it. Do you think they'll introduce other transmog items that will match this? Can you imagine paying $15 per piece for a whole set? Thanks for spending your hard earned money for research Olivia!
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