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Hey there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome back to Git Er Raid. I'm taking a look at PTR fights for the
upcoming Siege of Orgrimmar. As always with PTR testing, the bugs will be plentiful and tuning will be off so keep
that in mind. I got a chance to look at the Norushen encounter this time. Technically you don't fight Norushen
as he's the friendly NPC that helps you in the next fight, but you have to prove yourself to him. You have to
purge your corruption off and kill an Amalgam of Corruption to do so. This fight is definitely for 2 tanks and
probably 3 heals although the damage seemed overtuned at the time.

You'll notice right away when the encounter starts, you get a little counter box that has your corruption level.
The more corruption you have, the less damage you can do to the Amalgam. Everyone starts at 75% corruption and that means you do about 30% less damage than you normally would to the boss. So think Primordius round 2. If you purge off your corruption you do full damage. Healers, if you purge all your corruption, you get a buff doing
extra healing for the rest of the fight unless you gain corruption some other way.

So obviously the next question is how do you purge corruption off of yourself. Well there are little light orbs on
the two sides of the room that allow you to take a test that is specific to your role. It basically sends you away
from the rest of the raid and if you are dps, you kill stuff, if you are a healer, you heal NPCs that are killing
stuff, and if you are a tank, you tank a big dude for a minute and try to survive. I only have footage of the dps
test called the Test of Serenity but I'll briefly describe the other two tests so you have some familiarity with

The tank one is called Test of Confidence and involves you tanking a very large add. You'll have to avoid Titanic
Smash and interrupt Hurl Corruption as much as possible. Then make sure you survive it all for the entire minute.
Self healing tanks will probably breeze through this pretty easily as long as they pay attention but thats about
all I gleaned from what the tanks in the raid were describing.

The healer one is called Test of Reliance. You basically heal friendly NPCs that are killing mobs for you. Of
particular note, watch out for Lingering Corruption to be placed on your friends as it hurts terribly bad. You'll
have to dispell it off and heal that NPC up quickly. You'll also need to do a little bit of dodging of attacks
yourself as some of the adds throw orbs of corrupted energy out there.

So finally we have the DPS test. There will be 5 adds spawned in your little world. Your job is to kill all 5 of
them within a minute. Pretty simple yeah? One twist here is that for every add you kill, it pops into the normal
realm with your raid group so if you blast away at them and kill them all at the same time, they'll all pop up on
your raid which can get tricky. There were supposed to be 3 types of adds, but I only saw 2 in all the pulls we
did so I'll describe them now.

Essence of Corruption is the easiest add to deal with as they just sit there and throw balls of corruption out
periodically. They don't move and you can easily dodge the balls if you are paying attention. The Manifestation
of Corruption is the trickier one. It will do a big aoe cleave called Tear Reality and you don't want to get
caught in it. It also will chase you so its likely your first target or at least something you kite for awhile if
you are killing the Essences off first.

Before commenting on the normal realm abilities, one last note is that for each of the adds killed in this
challenge, a light orb will spawn that will instantly reduce your corruption. So you need to run over their dead
bodies and pick up the orbs to actually reduce your corruption. Originally our raid team was thinking the light
orb dropped you out and ended the test, but what actually happens is that if you get to zero corruption, you win
and are ported back to the normal realm. Oh and if you don't kill the adds in one minute, they will all instantly
pop into the normal realm which is probably going to screw your raid, so do your big deeps and get this done!

So in the normal realm lets first talk about the adds that spawn from dps tests. The Essences will continue to
shoot out their balls of corruption and they can be interrupted and should be. The Manifestation is the trickier
one now. It will do some aoe damage and then once it dies, it will leave a pool on the ground. This pool will
keep exploding for around 90k to the entire raid. But some brave soul can walk into the pool and soak it. It does
no damage to them but it does give them 25 corruption. Since everyone starts at 75, you'll need to figure out how
to handle those pools. It means that for every dpser you send into their Test you'll have to figure out who gets
that 25 corruption added to them.

This starts to get into the strategy of the encounter. We tried many many ways on who to send down to their
respective tests. We liked the idea of having a tank get cleared pretty early so they could soak the pools from
Manifestations later on. It was also good to get healers rotating in to that test so they could get their healing
buff. You definitely do NOT want to send multiple healers or dps in at the same time. Two dps killing adds in
their tests will overwhelm the raid very very quickly. And the damage the raid is taking from other mechanics in
the normal realm is probably not 1 healable at least the way they had it scaled currently. So some form of like 1
tank and heal first, then a dps and heal next, then another dps and a tank, and then a heal and a dps could work
out. With the enrage currently being set at 7 minutes you probably only have about 5 rounds of tests before you
need to push him below 50% and go all out.

What happens at 50%? Well his pulsing ice aoe that is present throughout the whole fight gets stronger and
stronger the lower his health is plus he spawns a manifestation of corruption every 10% of health he loses after
50%. So you'll have to kill them off, deal with his aoe, and also soak up the corruption thats left behind by the
adds. This portion of the fight was WAY overtuned for the gear scaling they had us at. Average ilvl of 520 was
brutal to try to heal through 200k ticks of the frost. For such an early on encounter thats going to be super
rough. I look for that to be nerfed in some way for live.

What else have we missed? Well the boss will do an ability to make the tanks swap, pretty standard stuff. Oh
yeah! The last thing to watch out for in the normal realm would be Blind Hatred. This is a cutter like beam thats
pretty instant death if you get caught in it. It goes slowly but realize it can go either direction so just pay

So thats pretty much it for this encounter. Try to get your corruption cleansed off with your tests, kill off adds
quickly, and avoid Blind Hatred. Thanks for watching and please comment, like and or subscribe to the video if you
found it helpful and....have a good one!