At the moment we are currently seeking:
Balance Druid (2), Death Knight (1), Blood Death Knight (1), Mistweaver Monk (1), Holy Paladin (1), Windwalker Monk (1), Resto Shaman (1), Warlock (2), Restoration Druid (1)


I hope you are doing well, and I appreciate you taking the time to read this message. I represent the World of Warcraft guild of Severity Gaming, a larger gaming franchise. The group is currently 5/13 heroic. We are seeking progression driven players for our 25m raid team. Our 3 day 12 hour raid schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6-10pm MST. To be clear, we keep our raid spots competitive, and you would be considered (performance based) for our core raid.

Here is a further breakdown of those times for your convenience:
EST: 8pm-12m
CST: 7p-11p
MST: 6p-10p
PST: 5p-9p

We are only considering players that have completed 12/12 normal. In addition we are looking for players that currently have an average item-level of 505 or better. If you met these requirements and were to apply ( or speak with an officer in the next 24 hours, (and everything checked out) we'd be able to offer you a core raid spot for next week's raid (7/16).

My contact details are the following:
In-Game: Delacour#1483
Skype: SGDelacour

If you are unable to get ahold of me within 24 hours, my administrative staff can be contacted using the following means.
In-Game: Ilikaz (Ilikaz#1564), Serrias (Siriusa#1503)