I suffered a loss of a hard drive which lost me 3 fight's worth of footage. Might be putting together a "preview/strat" thread or something for those encounters or maybe waiting for the heroic testing. Who knows. Anywho, getting back on track with Iron Juggernaut here. Enjoy!

Hey there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome back to Git Er Raid. I'm taking a look at PTR fights for the
upcoming Seige of Orgrimmar. As always with PTR testing, the bugs will be plentiful and tuning will be off so keep
that in mind. I lost my hard drive last week and thus missed putting together guides for the last 3 encounters
tested. I may do a summary of my impressions at some point soon, but lets keep going with the next fights that
were betaed. I got a chance to look at Iron Juggernaut for a little while in a mostly guild group. It is a 2 tank
and probably 2 to 3 heal fight that involves dealing with 2 phases of the boss. There didn't seem to be an enrage
as we 9 manned the fight all the way down to a low percentage until our tank got screwed by some of the weird
mechanics in the 2nd phase. Anywho, lets take a look at those 2 phases.

The juggernaut starts out in Assault mode and when he reaches 100 energy, will switch to Seige mode. In assault
mode, the tanks will be taking quite a bit of damage from his flame vents. Big note, this is a frontal cone attack
that hurts. Don't stand in front of the boss should go without saying, but of particular note will be the offtank.
You'll need to stay away from the front until its your turn to tank. It seemed like the tanks I was running with
were taunting at 3 stacks which is a 60% armor reduction and a dot of 150k or so. Yeah, it all seems to be hurting
tanks pretty badly. Fortunately, there is some rest in the 2nd phase for tanks for that.

Healers and dps will have to worry about some other fairly simple mechanics while the boss is in assault mode. The
most obvious is the mortar cannon. This draws a huge circle on the ground beneath a raid member and then a few
seconds later, a big ass mortar lands at that spot. You should probably move out of the giant red targetting
circle although many times it seemed like the radius of the explosion was much more than the actual ground effect.
hopefully that gets resolved in live.

Speaking of ground effects, the other one to worry about is the Borer Drill. This was giving our healers
particular trouble as the spikes from this seemed to be following them constantly. Basically they dealt with it
and ate the damage sometimes and others they just ran. It seemed like from watching the footage after that the
drill spawned closer to the boss and maybe you can range it some. More info likely needed when this one goes live.

Beyond a simple dot placed on a random raid member from his scatter laser, the biggest part of this phase is the
Crawler mines. Three of these little buggers are released periodically and run towards a random raid member. Once
there, they burrow down and begin a detonation sequence. They are immune from all damage at all times and when
they explode they do about 300k physical damage to the whole raid. 1 of them going off hurts, 2 probably wipes the raid. So how do you deal with it? Well if you notice when you hover on them, you can mount them. Why on earth would you want to mount a mine? Well to explode it harmlessly. Well, mostly harmlessly. Whomever jumps on the mine takes way over 700k physical damage and gets shot up into the air to take some additional fall damage. Yeah what?

So who can take a crapton of physical damage to the face? Oh yeah, your tanks with all their spiffy armor that
reduces physical damage. Its the job of the offtank to hop on as many mines as possible and take it for the team.
Certainly you probably need to be topped off and maybe you need a small CD or two every now and then but they come out so often that you'll need to keep up with them. It makes it particularly difficult to get them when they are spread out so you might want to tell your healers if you are going to miss one. But continue hopping on mines to help out your raid.

I'll note though, that its possible for a non-tank to take one of these if they have proper CDs. I was able to
take a mine with deterrance up but definitely not without it. It did about 720k when I didn't have deterrance so
it was about 300k with deterrance up. I'd say things that straight up reduce damage will work here like dispersion
and such but obviously the more armor you have the easier it will go. Probably utiliziing those personal CDs from
the raid like that would be a dire measure if you wanted to make sure a mine didn't explode and the tank was
otherwise disposed.

That just about does it for the Assault mode, now lets take a look at Seige mode. First thing is that he'll be
constantly pulsing out raid damage on the order of 30 to 40k a second. Second thing is that you still have to deal
with mines. Although bug reports said you shouldn't have to deal with those on live and there was an ability
called Demolisher Cannons that I didn't see. Probably a bug as well. What we did get was the shock pulse. Let me read from the dungeon journal just this once because its priceless

Shock Pulse causes a wave of force that knocks players back significantly. You think? You think? Yeah, watch
this one right here to show just how far "significantly" can be. So you have to make sure you don't put yourself
in a bad position to get knocked back that far thus we stayed around the entrance here and got knocked into the
fences. I'd say that will be a preferred method to dealing with shock pulse so take it to heart.

The other mechanic to deal with in this phase is the combination of Tar and the Cutter laser. The tar is a basic
snare plus damage crap on the ground. Not too bad on its own. However, the cutter laser chases someone random in the raid. Obviously if it catchs them, its pretty certain that person will die so you have to kite it. However, if
you kite it into a tar puddle, it explodes on the raid nearly killing everyone. So if you get the little eyes on
your head, drop everything and focus on leading the laser safely through a maze of random puddles on the ground.
You'll see I fail and we do recover the raid here, but its basically the deadliest mechanic in this fight so it
should bear the most focus.

Once the boss' energy winds down to 0, he'll switch back into Assault mode and you'll rinse and repeat. Blizzard
has confirmed that they artificially inflated the boss' health for testing purposes so the 650 million you see here
will probably be around 400 million or so in line with the other bosses. They want the fight to be around 8
minutes long they said. Thats probably a good move as the fight has fairly simple mechanics with a lot of movement for people. It would probably get really boring quickly if it was any longer than that.

Anywho, you've seen the major mechanics of Iron Juggernaut at this point. Watch your feet, tanks explode mines,
and don't explode the tar with the laser and you'll have this fight licked. Thanks for watching and please
comment, like and or subscribe to the video if you found it helpful and....have a good one!