I had this done a few days ago but failed to post it. I have the next 3 tested bosses filmed and putting those guides together soonish, but for now here was General Nazgrim from last week.

Posting transcript for those who like to check back on something said instead of listening to the video again:

Hey there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome back to Git Er Raid. I'm taking a look at PTR fights for the upcoming Seige of Orgrimmar and will be putting up as many raid guides as possible. As always with PTR testing, the bugs will be plentiful and tuning will be off so keep that in mind. Next up is the General Nazgrim. The fight is a 2 tank and probably 3 heal encounter on 10man and involves a single boss with a bunch of add waves kind of like Will of the Emperor from tier 14.

The main mechanic of the fight for the boss is Rage. The more rage he generates, the deadlier the abilities he uses that rage on. You can't prevent him from getting any rage but the overall goal is to make sure he stays fairly low and uses some of the lower costing rage abilities like Shockwave and banners.

So lets talk first about how he can gain rage. And before even that, we have to talk about the 3 stances the boss can be in. Battle stance is the default stance and it just basically gives him 1 rage per second. Bezerker stance increases his damage dealt AND received and gives him 2 rage per second. Finally Defensive stance reduces the damage taken and deflects attacks from the front. It also generates 5 rage when he does get hit by everyone in the raid except the tanks. There was apparently a bug such that tank's attacks were being reflected too which wasn't supposed to happen.

So basically its safe to dps him in battle stance, you want to burst him during Bezerker stance and you want to avoid touching him much during defensive stance. The boss will also get rage when players in the raid get hit by some of his abilities. I'll note that when we talk about what he spends his rage on, but he will always generate rage from applying Sundering Blow to the tanks. This is the tank swap mechanic and it lasts a minute so thats about how long to wait until swapping of course.

Now we can talk about how he spends the rage he gains from the raid. The simpliest thing he can do is Heroic Shockwave. He basically leaps onto someone in the raid and cracks the ground. AFter a few seconds the cracked ground will erupt and do additional damage to the raid. If you get caught in the damage from the cracks, you will give him more rage. So just move away from the impact point every time he uses this ability.

Kro'kron Banner is a simple ability that just puts a banner down. It causes him to generate 3 rage for every time one of his adds attacks the raid. That can add up quickly so you want to get the banner down as soon as possible.

Ravager is an ability he uses when he has 70 rage. This one kind of gets annoying because its a big ass blade that spins and takes up a good portion of an already smallish room. Any time the blade hits anyone, the boss gains 3 more rage. Just stay far away from this spinning blade and hope it doesn't screw your positioning too much.

Lastly, if Nazgrim ever reaches 100 rage, he'll use War Song. This is probably a raid wipe mechanic given its current damage. It takes 75% of the raid's entire health as physical damage. Ouchy. Probably want to avoid getting his rage all the way up here.

Realize also that he can only spend his rage on something every 15 seconds so as long as you aren't getting hit by a lot of things, his rage should stay fairly low. He'll leap a lot and occassionally throw down the banner. If you start getting Ravagers out there, you are probably not doing too well. But its possible that some strategies might involve pushing a War Song to clear him all out and get back to low rage generation. We'll see how that plays out in live.

The last ability to note about the boss is called Bonecracker. This is a debuff and bleed that he puts out to the raid. It drops your maximum health by 50% and applies a bleed. Healers will have to be careful with the people that have this one throughout the fight.

Now to move on to the adds. Besides the pretty useless Orgrimmar Faithful grunts that are present on the pull, there are 4 types of adds. Ironblades, Arcweaver, Assassins, and Warshaman. They seemed to come out in pairs and in a set order. For example, we always saw an arcweaver and ironblade come out first, then we saw an assassin and warshaman together, etc. I'm sure much of the strategy on live will revolve around prioritizing the kill order on the adds.

So for now, I'll just go through what each of them do. The Ironblades likely need to be tanked as they only really do a physical whirlwind attack. Its probably not a good idea for melee to even touch these guys as we're talking 200k damage per second. They also will cast last stand when they get to 25% health which just basically gives them more health to kill off. Nothing special really. These are likely the lowest priority adds of all.

Arcweaver are the casters and they are basically mini mages. Their spells can be interrupted and they will also blink around some so it makes it difficult to CC them in traps as I failed to do so all night. The only thing to note about these adds is that if they keep being allowed to cast, they gain a buff making them do 25% more damage each cast. This probably means you can't leave them alone for too long.

Assassins are annoying until you learn how to deal with them. They start out in stealth and the only indication that you've got one on you is that you'll have a set of eyes above your head. Make absolutely certain you are facing the assassin. If he is allowed to get behind you, you are basically dead. His frontal melee is pitifully weak and he can't be tanked. So just keep him in front of you and this add will be no problem at all.

Warshaman are probably the highest priority of target. They can heal themselves, other adds, AND the boss so they need to be interrupted and taken care of quickly. They can put earth shield on adds or the boss or use chain heal on them. Be absolutely certain the boss is nowhere near this totem as it can heal him for 30% of his health which is redonkulous.

So from the brief looks at this encounter, I'm guessing you'll always prioritize the shaman, kill off arcweavers next, then assassins and then leave the ironblades for last. Beyond that, you'll just need to pay attention to the boss and make sure to not dps him during defensive stance, blow up banners and avoid his shockwave and avoid his ravager blade.

Once again, I was in an entirely PUG group so it wasn't the most organized pulls but I hope you've seen most of the mechanics you'll have to deal with. Seems like you just prioritize adds and don't stand in stuff. Thanks for watching and please comment, like, and or subscribe to the video if you found it helpful and have a good one!