Kor'kron dark shaman fight up with a guide.

Posting transcript for anyone who wants to read back on anything they might have missed while listening:

Hey there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome back to Git Er Raid. I'm taking a look at PTR fights for the upcoming Seige of Orgrimmar and will be putting up as many raid guides as possible. As always with PTR testing, the bugs will be plentiful and tuning will be off so keep that in mind. Next up is the Kor'kron Dark Shaman. I didn't get many pulls on this fight due to my group slowly forming and then disconnecting at the end. But I did get a chance to see most of the mechanics and feel confident in at least showing you guys what happens in the encounter. The fight is a 2 tank and probably 3 heal encounter on 10man and involves 2 bosses with a shared health pool.

The first thing to note about this fight is that the pull is tricky. The bosses and their mounts are inside Garrosh's throne room and its impossible to fight them in that small of a space. You'll need to have the tanks pull and run out of the room or have a hunter misdirect the bosses out of there. Fortunately, once you get out of there, the entire landscape of Orgrimmar is at your disposal although blizzard has commented that some parts of it will be gated. I'd wager you'll have most of the Valley of Strength to use and believe me, you are going to need it.

After reading some forum posts, it seems like some people worked out that leaving half the raid with one boss and the other half with the other seems to work out better from just the sheer amount of stuff on the ground to avoid. So think about it like Morchok from Dragon Soul. Even some people mention leaving one of the bosses in the throne room and putting the other out in the town. My guess would be that you leave Haromm in the throne room because Kardris spawns the tornados. Just theory at this point.

Your first goal in the encounter is to kill off the mounts of the bosses' They hit the tanks fairly hard and have low health so it just makes sense to get rid of them quickly. It may be on live that they change their health or make them a bigger part of the encounter on heroic or something but for now, just kill em off.

And now to the bosses' themselves. As I mentioned, they share a health pool so it doesn't matter which one you are dpsing. The big part of this encounter is that at 90, 80 and 70 percent, the bosses drop totems that grant them additional abilities for the rest of the encounter. I'll go through what each of those totems does for each boss but for now, just realize you'll be spending the majority of this fight dealing with all of it up until the end. The bosses also have a soft enrage at 30% where they cast Bloodlust on themselves and get down to killing ya. I never got to this point with my group but I heard it was a pretty rough enrage.

So lets talk totems and then talk bosses. The first totem dropped is the Poisonmist Totem. It comes at 90% and will give Haromm the Toxic Mist ability and Kardris Toxic Storm. Toxic Mist is simply a nasty dot that does increasing nature damage every 3 seconds for 30 seconds. It also increases the amount of nature damage you take up to 100%. Toxic Storm is a cloud that spawns above the boss and will periodically send tornados out that roam around the world. Obviously both the cloud and tornados are to be avoided.

Foulstream totem is dropped when the bosses reach 80%. This grant Haromm the Foul Stream ability and Kardris gets Foul Geyser. Foul stream is a line of poison that gets laid on the ground and will hit you for 300k nature damage. Don't stand in it DUH. Foul Geyser will spawn adds called Foul Slimes. These should probably be kited and aoed down by ranged. Each one pulses with 100k nature damage every second so they likely can't be straight up tanked,

Lastly, the Ashflare totem is laid down at 70% and grants Haromm the Ashen Wall spell and Kardris Falling Ash. Ashen Wall is pretty easy to deal with, its just a line of stationary, untargetable adds that will smack anyone that gets near them. Once again, don't stand near the crap and you are fine. Falling Ash is a big aoe that Kardris casts that has a huge red ground effect. Don't stand in it!

There isn't much else to this fight other than the bosses main attacks. Haromm's main attack is Darkstorm Strike that hits the tank with Nature damage and increases their nature damage taken by 100% for a minute. This probably indicates a tank swap at some point but we didn't get far enough to see if that was the case. Kardris does Darkstorm Bolt that hits pretty hard, 600k.

Once again, I was in an entirely PUG group so it wasn't the most organized pulls plus I DCed halfway through the testing hours but I hope you've seen most of the mechanics you'll have to deal with. Much of the strategy is probably going to revolve around raid positioning and just plain not standing in stuff. Thanks for watching and please comment, like, and or subscribe to the video if you found it helpful and have a good one!