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Thread: [H]10m Neolutum on Turalyon (3/13HC) needs Boom/Resto or Mage

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    [H]10m Neolutum on Turalyon (3/13HC) needs Boom/Resto or Mage

    Needs: Boomkinn/Resto. Must be completely fluent in both specs but boomkinn will be used at least 75% of the time we just strongly desire flexibility for comp on a fight by fight basis (welcome to 10 man). I'm looking for someone who I can bring into the raid and can immediately begin contributing at a very high level. All of our DPS are expected to be skilled enough to consistently rank, even though that will not likely be possible (or expected) on progression but we are looking for that level of skill minimum. Our healers also must all be prepared to 2 heal progression fights so we can push over bosses.


    A mage (whatever spec is best for the fight). Must be able to push mad HPS since you'll be replacing a resto druid (top level bandages required :-P). Same as the above, except we just want to see serious DPS.

    The Raid: It's a 10 man progression raid on a terse schedule. We maintain a 12-13 person roster so there is some light rotation but it's usually on a fight by fight basis unless someone is on vacation. Here's our last raid's logs. We wasted about 6 weeks trying to keep the 25 man alive this tier so our progression is quite a bit behind where we should currently be but we're playing catchup at a strong rate. Our immediate goal is to claw our way back into the top 2000 with a comfortable final goal of getting back to the top 1000 next tier. Doing that on an 8 hour a week schedule requires high levels of competence. We have a lot of fun with this and are fairly vocal so we're not just looking for a pro player without a lot of time to play, we're looking for a pro player without a lot of time to play who has a good sense of humor and can have fun kicking !@# and won't freak out when someone makes a stupid mistake.

    The Guild: Neolutum has been around since Ulduar and has spent most of that time as a progression 25 man raid although in recent times our 25 man ambitions have periodically been stifled and we've reverted to various 10 mans. Currently we are hosting 3 10 mans and we provide everything required to raid (food, repairs, gems, chants, flasks, pots, etc ...). The other two raids happen on non-competing nights so if you have alts you'd like to raid with under the same roof this potentially works out nicely.

    How to find us: You can talk to me online if you want more information. I am the raid leader for this raid and GM of the guild so I can answer most of your questions. That said you can also go straight for an application here: http://neolutum.enjin.com/recruitment or you can contact me directly at feralminded#1816
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