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Thread: Talk Azeroth w/Olivia - Ep 03 - Virtual Realms

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    Talk Azeroth w/Olivia - Ep 03 - Virtual Realms

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    I will never be a kaz.. no one can reach the utter awesomeness of you.

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    Oliva... you have a lot of... cranial accessories...
    "If the world is something you accept rather than interpret, then you're susceptible to the influence of charismatic idiots." -Neil deGrasee Tyson

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    About flex lockouts (referring to http://blue.mmo-champion.com/topic/2...ature/#post712):

    * The "extra rewards" for repeating bosses in flex don't seem to be substantially different from the extra rewards for repeating bosses in LFR. You can already use multiple bonus rolls on a single LFR boss if you repeat it, and you already get valor for completing the wing after the first time (and also for some trash). The only difference is that flex raids can have trash drops.

    * Repeating bosses isn't gaming the system. It's intended that you can repeat flex bosses, just as you can repeat LFR bosses, just by re-queueing for a wing you have finished; there's no need to keep adding a new person each time. Since you only get three bonus rolls per week, there isn't much benefit from repeated grinding.

    * You can add people to a flex raid after you queue in, without resetting the instance. So if you don't want bosses 1 and 2 to respawn, just form up with the 10+ people (8+ people if they allow that) who have already killed those bosses, queue in, and then add in Thursday rogue. You would only have to repeat bosses if you can't muster enough people who have already killed them to meet the minimum to queue in.

    As for the big unannounced feature, note that the patch notes mention a "New Area: Timeless Isle," with no specific information. There's apparently a pet battle tournament there, but I bet that's not all it is. Could "timeless" be a reference to old content? I do believe one of the devs mentioned in an interview that the big unannounced feature would have to do with old content, which neither flex raiding nor virtual realms does.
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    I expect gear to be a sort of Grey, Green, blue and Epic classes of epics. LFR would e passing ot the "Generics", Flexi would be dropping "Green Epics", and so on........maybe even having the highlight coloring following the standard, white, green, blue, and purple highlights (aside fro whatever other cosmetic changes are made)

    The Hardcore raiders would probably enjoy getting the first 2 for the score of the set this way, but they ay be wasting time getting a complete set when the quality of Normal and Heroic gear I much higher....
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    Hardcore raiders will be using their 3 bonus rolls per week on current content, not wasting them on Flex level gear.

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    I think you need a stetson. A pink stetson with leopard print with a fuzzy brim. That may be your casual raider hat. Or it may just be damn silly. :P

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