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Thread: Talk Azeroth w/Olivia - Ep 02 - Flex Raiding

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    Talk Azeroth w/Olivia - Ep 02 - Flex Raiding

    Sorry for the late post!

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    I expect the flex-raid will be harder than The LFR "face roll" level, but if you are a good little "Rotation Bot" the raid should do fine, regardless of the possible mechanics glitches. I expect most raiding guilds will be using this to gear up rather than dealing with the bads and tourists in lfr, considering it is a premade only sort of deal. The glitchyness of the scaling would be a good little "Training for when to use cooldowns" sort of thing tooo......a casual raider hat would be wearing a purple pimp hat, regardless of what the correct gear would be.
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    I feel like with adds the fix is easy: simply make the number of adds the same for all group sizes and adjust their health similarly to the boss.

    For debuffs it may be as tricky as you say, but more than likely they will simply tune the mechanics so that one more debuff on the group large enough to jump up to that level of debuffs will not be a gamechanger.

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    "Let's say you join a 12 man and kill the first boss, leave the raid, and join a 20 man, you might have to repeat the first boss.

    If everyone in the new 20 man raid has already killed the first boss just like you did, then that boss will not spawn.
    But even if only 1 of the players in that 20man has not killed the first boss, he will spawn again and everyone else will have to repeat the encounter."
    So the whole "add one guy out because it might be easier" thing won't work.

    Besides, I very much doubt that FR being easier than normal mode, will require people to change raid size just to be able to clear it.

    Also, is kicking someone out of the raid just to have a very minor advantage on a boss fight, worth the drama? Who do you choose to remove? "Sorry, you don't get to play anymore tonight. Our tank doesn't feel like picking up an extra add."

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    Olivia well done. Sounds like hard work for you. Viewer/player questions might be good so you have some topics to discuss.

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