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Thread: Prot Paladin, Tanking Durumu and in general.

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    Prot Paladin, Tanking Durumu and in general.

    Hey Guys,I've only recently started playing again after a break of over 6 months and was wondering if you could give me some advise. I used to main ret but switched to prot 2 weeks ago. I have joined a raiding guild and we managed 7/12 last week. This week we have cleared to durumu so far but are having a bit of trouble on it. It feels like i am taking massive damage and the healers have a hard time keeping me up during the colorblind phase especially when i get to 3-4 stacks of hard stare. From looking up some information i can see that i need to get a lot better at putting weakened blows up and i've just realised that i am missing a couple of enchants but these are general things i need for every boss. Would you guys be able to have a look and see what i could be doing better?Here is the logs from last nights raid http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-2fvvu88p0b76xgbh/ I am at work so can't get armory link but my char is EU-Stormscale - Onixpected.Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided!

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    Try to line ShoR up better with Hard Stare.

    [23:12:17.233] Onixpected Shield of the Righteous Durumu the Forgotten 67856
    [23:12:19.840] Onixpected's Shield of the Righteous fades from Onixpected
    [23:12:27.504] Durumu the Forgotten casts Hard Stare on Onixpected
    [23:12:27.723] Durumu the Forgotten Hard Stare Onixpected 73414 (A: 148303)
    [23:12:29.028] Onixpected gains Shield of the Righteous from Onixpected
    [23:12:29.028] Onixpected casts Shield of the Righteous on Durumu the Forgotten
    Which priority are you following when using abilities? You wasted 18 holy power over that attempt, although that is very easy to do if you use Holy Avenger during blood lust.

    You are missing 500 stamina (11k life raid-buffed) from enchants, two JC specific gems and a belt buckle.

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    Thanks for the quick response. To be completely honest i thought hard stare was magical damage for some reason so that explains one of the reasons for me taking massive damage as i wasn't even trying to line up ShoR with it. My priority with abilities is CS > Judgement > Avengers Shield > Consecrate > Holy wrath and i usually use ShoR every time i have 3 HP unless i need to line it up with an ability such as jikun talon rake. As for the wasted HP it could of been during BL but 18 seems a lot so i should probably work on trying trying to reduce that as that is potentially 18 seconds of reduced damage.I will sort out the enchants, belt buckle and gems when i get online later. Thanks a lot for the help so far though!

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    Ok here's what u should do:

    • Spec Unbreakable Spirit. Make sure Divine Protection is glyphed so it reduces physical damage as well
    • Pull with Divine Protection on, he melees pretty hard and you won't have SotR up for the first melee or 2
    • Pop holy avenger and stack up a huge duration of SotR on the boss
    • When your Divine Protection comes off CD, use it, should be around the time you have 4 stacks
    • Before the 5th start you can pop ardent defender if you feel you are not very stable
    • Right after the 5th stack lands, pop Guardian of Ancient Kings
    • Right after the 6th stack lands, use Divine Shield together with a taunt (to clear stacks while also ensuring the boss doesn't melee anyone else the macro for it is "/cast divine shield /cast reckoning)
    • Use a /cancelaura Divine Shield macro to remove it

    After that, the first light spectrum phase should be over and the healers will be able to focus you a lot more. You will still have Divine Protection off CD again shortly, and if you find yourself needing mitigation at around 4-5 stacks, just ask for a pain suppression, ironbark, hand of sacrifice, guardian spirit, whatever external CD they can throw at you. After that point, your stacks will reset on their own since it's the maze phase. However, I think it's safer if you Hand of Protection yourself during the maze, since sometimes the stacks don't reset for some reason and I end up starting the new phase with 7.

    After that, it's basically EXACTLY the same as in the pulling phase for you, the DPS will have to deal with life drain but that's none of your concern. Only Holy Avenger will be delayed, and you'll have it up at around 3-4 stacks, so you might not even have to use anything other than Divine Protection.

    That's what I used to do on Heroic, barely ever had any problems. Hope it helps.

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