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Thread: Help with sound hardware....

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    Help with sound hardware....

    in my latest build, which i only play WoW on, i have came down to the last few parts to get. the parts i am talking about is for sound. in the past i have ran a creative fatality card with creative fatality headset, which enabled me to use 5.1 for Wow, be it using 5.1 with speakers to using the headset for raiding. i have only ever used this style setup that uses the 3.5mm connections. in this build i have considered the newer logitech headset G35 or G930 (which both utilize USB connections with on-board sound engine (for lack of better words). doing it this was would be cheaper since i wouldnt have to get the card and headset. however since this is new to me, idk. i have never used USB sound, but i have read the reviews and these headset listed (logitech) are highly ranked as far as sound and all. can i get some of you all to shed a little light on this subject so that i can finally make my decision? will i get better sound from a card/headset setup or USB headset? are they to similar to tell the difference? BTW i mainly use the headset recently when gaming so as not to disturb my son and wife. pros and cons will help plus your vote on which i may like better. saving money is a big concern since i am nearing the end of my allotted amount i can spend on my new PC (wife's rules...lol).

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    come on...i know you all viewing this post have some input because you are obviously gamers like myself, and for that reason you HAVE to be using sound from something. anyone give pros and cons and/vote on either. pls because i am wanting to place my order, lol. TY

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    How much are you wanting to spend?

    5.1 surround headsets are a gimmick.

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    I don't claim to be much of an audiophile. I have however used the Logitech G930 however so I will give you my input on that. The biggest reason I wanted this wireless headset is that there are bindable buttons on the headset. Which I like since it gave me the ability to push to talk right on the headset. The wireless range is great also. Sound wise the sound from the cans sounded fine to me. The mic level seemed a bit low compared to other mics I have used. Boosting the mic volume higher took care of that issue though. The biggest con that I would have is that headset only lasted roughly 528 days before breaking. It broke on the plastic arm that allows the cans angle in/out. A 2nd pair that belongs to my dad that is roughly 448 days old and hasn't shown any sign of crack or breaking at the same place yet. So it take the breaking issue with a grain of salt.

    When I went searching for a replacement I went with the Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Omega (the Omega was the same price or lower as the Wrath version at the time). I mainly wanted to try this head set since the connection to the head band doesn't look like it will break with stretching over time. It has a bit less range however the mic level didn't require to be at high either. I do wish it had buttons on the side but other wise I have been enjoying the headset.

    As for your question about USB vs sound card I haven't noticed a big enough difference to matter to me personally. But again I am not really much of an audiophile. Hope that helps.

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