Monolithic (Alliance/Stormrage- US) is looking for experienced and dedicated raiders to help fill our ranks. We are currently recruiting to fill out our 25 man roster. We are looking for ranged dps that are focused on heroic progression.

We finished Teir 14 4/6 HMSV 6/6 HoF 4/4 ToES with elite mode down.
our 25 man Progression team is 1/12H in ToT

Our 25 man raid days are times are Wed/Thur/Mon 7:45-11pm EST

Monolithic is a guild consisting of experienced players who share past raiding and guild experience. We function as a tight family, who provide each other with assistance when needed. Players are expected to adapt to situations to further the guild and itís progression which include: helping with gear crafting as well as consumables, enchants, and gems, learning strategies that are unique to the individuals role, adapting play style and spec to better assist the raid and guild.

Please visit for applications.

Contacts: Imgoosť, Bamine