<Sorry> is a new guild formed by a group of players who have been raiding together since The Burning Crusade. Collectively, we've raided at a bleeding-edge, competitive level defeating virtually all the content this game has had to offer. We've achieved (and led our respective guild) to top end kills from Tribute to Insanity, LK 25H & Yogg-0 (25) all the way through Dragon Soul 25H. Some of our raiders have also raided the past tier, completing heroic content through Heroic: Dark Animus on 25H.

Our goal in this game is very simple: to have FUN. We simply aim to complete content, while still maintaining a light-hearted, fun and dynamic raid atmosphere. To us, ranking is nothing more than a number over your head and it is far more important to enjoy the ride to killing the boss than achieving an arbitrary number. As such, if you're looking for a guild that yearns to defeat content a week before everybody else, then please look elsewhere (no stab at top end guilds, we've been there, done that, and it's simply not the direction we wish to take our guild).

We, therefore, expect our players:
To be strong, top end players and understand your class, inside-and-out.
To have a strong sense of humor -- you'll need it here.
To understand the goal of the guild.

Our raid times are undecided, however, we are extremely flexible and will be raiding 2 days per week. Based on YOUR (yes, you!) schedule, we will formalize our raid schedule and begin raids. Currently, we are leaning towards a Sunday / Wednesday raid schedule, but again, this is very flexible.

We are currently recruiting 1-2 more players:
1 Ranged DPS
1 Melee DPS

To us, however, class is not important. We are looking for all talented players who share a similar philosophy to us. Many of us have geared alts and are able to accommodate any strong addition to the guild.

If this sounds like something that you would like to be involved in, please add me on Battle.net AT Magi#1135 OR apply at our website, www.weresosorry.com. This is your opportunity to get involved at the ground level and grow!