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Thread: Rolling a Mage or Warlock

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    Rolling a Mage or Warlock

    Hi everyone, I need some help and advice comparing and contrasting the Mage and Warlock class. I am torn in deciding which one to level, and I was wondering if I could get some advice. I have played both classes (In Cata) to at least level 60, and enjoyed both.

    My play time usually consists of Dailies, Faction Grinds, 5mans, LFRs and exploring old content/transmog. (I do participate in BG's but rarely at level 90, mostly on my lower characters, but would like to change that, but not a priority.)

    I do not mind learning a complicated class (within reason) but also do not mind simplicity.

    I would love to hear your opinions, especially your personal experiences. I'm sorry to post on of these "This or That" type of threads, but I'm really torn. Thanks!
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    Having leveled a Mage to 90 I have to say the thing I miss on it is HEALING. The dependance on Evocation glyph (or conjured food) to do all the healing is a bit of a nuissance. Other than that, it's just about playstyle really, I personally prefer my mage as Arcane/Fire (not enough gear atm to really have enough fire procs), while I like demo/affli as warlock, and they each have their ups and downs imho.
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