Last of the heroics I currently have. Will hopefully have Council down this week and then moving on. I may go back to do normal mode guides but who knows.

Hi there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome to my new series of raid guides called Git R Raid. This is tier 15 Heroic Throne of Thunder and next up is Ji-Kun. This encounter is one of the easier ones on heroic as there is only a few small mechanic changes involving the nests. It does require 2 tanks, any mix of dps and 2 to 3 healers on 10 man. As with all heroic fights, everything hurts a lot more and has more health so bring your A game.

The biggest change to the nests in the fight is that on certain nests, a Nest Guardian spawns that must be handled by the tank. It does a frontal cleave and thus is a danger to anyone in the nests if it is faced the wrong way. It also has a very very small hitbox or seems suffers from some kind of line of sight issues as whomever is tanking it must be up in its grille. Guardians spawn on nests 2, 4, 8 and 12 and we'll talk about how to handle them in a little bit.

As with all heroics, things hurt more but of particular note for this fight is Caw. On normal mode, it hits decently, on heroic it can take 3 quarters of your health easily. Remember from normal mode, Caw is avoidable by all ranged and heals so when you see it being cast, get your feet moving and try to avoid it. Its not a wipe if you don't, but its completely unnecessary raid damage to deal with so try to avoid it as much as possible.

Tanks, just a quick note for you as well, the talon rake of course hits pretty hard especially at high stacks. Be judicious about using your cooldowns and call for externals when you need it especially if you are about to take a 3rd talon rake.

One other piece to note is that having the dps be able to fly up and capture the Primal Nutrient that comes out when Ji-Kun does Feed Young is also a very very helpful buff for the entirity of this encounter. It may have been something you completely ignored on normal mode but could easily be the difference on heroic as it could have your dps doing 100% extra damage during a likely BloodLust time.

So now we come to the meat of this encounter which is to figure out your nest plan. If you get that figured out you can beat this boss with little issue week after week. The kink in the plans is that you have to have a tank come to some of the nests in order to tank the guardians. Also note, nests number 9 and 10 spawn at the same time. That is one upper and one lower nest so if you are going to handle those nests, you must have at least 2 groups ready to deal them. Your strategy is going to also depend on whether you are 2 or 3 healing it as well as the strength of your dps.

From here, I'll describe the strategy employed in this footage and then discuss some alternative ways to handle it. We went with a 2 heal strategy and only did 8 nests. We did have 2 groups designated for nests but that 2nd group only went to nest 2 and 8 in order to get feathers. Having the feathers allowed more of that 2nd group to use them for the dps buff.

Thus, group 1 went to nests 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Group 2 did nests 2 and 8. After that we waited until the "feed young" went out for nest 9 and then lusted and burned. We had the boss at around 40% health before this burn phase and you can just watch the health melt away with all the nutrient buffs out.

With this strategy, we had one tank go down to nest 2 to tank the guardian. That same tank then had feathers to use to get to nest 4. For nest 8, it didn't matter which tank went down to get the guardian as we were ignoring the nest 12 guardian so just whichever tank could do it went down for nest 8.

Alternate strategies deal with going to 12 or 14 nests and are mostly necessary when you have weaker dps or are 3 healing it. In that case, you have to work out which groups are going to nests 9 and 10, the upper and lower that spawn at the same time as well as having a tank ready to go straight up to nest 12 for the guardian. What I've found with this fight is that most of the wipes come when someone misses their nest assignment. Thus, the fewer nests you have to deal with on a regular basis, the less possibility for screw-ups. If you can 2 heal it and only deal with 8 nests, give it a shot.

Remember a key piece to dealing with fewer nests is having the boss be as low as possible before you start burning. 40% for 8 nests seems to be a good mark to try to hit. Make sure your dps get good at snagging the nutrients in the air as that is an enormous benefit to the raid dps. And what dpser doesn't want to pull big numbers?

The burn phase is just that, a burn phase. Obviously be aware of the Caws, Downdrafts and Quills. Be careful about stacking later in the phase as the Juvinelles will be doing their own unavoidable Caws from up above. Hoenstly if you can get to this point with everyone alive, you are probably going to kill it provided no one important falls of the platform. Obviously I'm not that important here.

So in summary, work out an effective nest strategy, kill some baby birds and you'll have a kill. Thanks for watching and please subscribe, comment and or like this video if you found it helpful. Have a good one!