Heroic Tortos is done and up, working on the guide for Heroic Ji-Kun then will see if going back to do normal modes will be useful for people. Here is Tortos:

Hi there, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome to my new series of raid guides called Git R Raid. This is tier 15 Heroic Throne of Thunder and next up is Tortos. This encounter has some interesting changes from normal mode that will require some more personal awareness from all of your raiders. This encounter has a few strategies that work and you'll have to figure out which one to use in order to know what to bring. For this video guide, we have 1 paladin tank and 2 heals. Once again, I'll assume you know the normal mode mechanics and focus in on heroic only changes and strategy. One bonus of this video is that I'm the shell kicker here so if you are interested in how that goes down, pay attention to the video footage.

I'll talk about the major mechanic changes in the encounter first before discussing the various strategies employed by groups to down it. First off, you'll immediately notice that there are a few crystals around the room that can be targetted and hit. If you attack it, you'll gain a shield of 15% of your max health. Any heals to you will be absorbed and added to the shield up to 75% of your max health. Why you need this shield will become important when we talk about the next change to the fight.

Quake stomp is now a big threat to your raid. With no shield, Quake Stomp will do 100% of your max health as physical damage. This is reduced by straight damage reduction passives like priests' shadowform and hunter's ironhawk. But for most of your raid, it means that if you don't have a shield, you will die. So the goal is to have a shield of course.

For your entire raid, this shield mechanic is just something they'll need to remember at least after every quake stomp. If their shield gets used up, they must reapply it soon. However, realize a very very important thing about the shield. If you apply the shield with 25% health left, you will get a shield and ALL heals will be absorbed by the shield even if the shield full. That means that your health bar will remain at 25% even if your healers spam heal the crap out of you. So it is very very important for your entire raid to apply the shield when they are close to full health, otherwise it could get dangerous during quake stomps.

So if everyone is reliably putting shields on, it will now be up to your healers to keep the shields full for the raid and especially the tank. There are a number of addons or raid frames that should help figure out who has a shield and how full. There is another buff that appears when someone's shield is at full, but you will need to figure out ways to keep everyone's shield ticking up between stomps. Depending on your strategy, the shield of the most importance may be the main tank's.

Beyond the changes to Quake Stomp in combination with the crystal, the rest of the fight is relatively unchanged. Of course, everything hurts more in heroic as usual, so taking a rockfall to the dome is not recommended. The bats also hurt more which is why you have to think ahead on your strategy for handling them.

The strategy employed in this video just revolved around using a prot pally as the single tank and having a rotation of stuns used on the bats when things get hairy. I've also heard of a strategy whereby a monk tank will kite the bats for the entire fight given their good tanking mobility and ranged aoe threat generation. I'm also pretty sure that 2 tanking the fight in the traditional way will work as long as dps is high enough to down the appropriate adds in time. The real key to downing the bats is to make sure that whatever tank has the bats keeps their shield on. If the tank's health falls below 550k, the bats will heal for a metric crapton. Figure out how to work that out and then go with that strategy.

The normal mode part of this fight where you kill the spinning turtles and kick them into tortos to interrupt the stone breath is of course still relevant. But you might also want to kick any spare shells into the bats if you are employing a strategy that kills the bats.

Ranged will mostly be busy dealing with the spinning turtles but I will add that you should come up with a plan for slowing down the spinners as much as possible. One hit from a spinning turtle is almost enough to knock off someone's full shield. Dealing with reapplying shields and buffing them isn't efficient outside of quake stomps so find out what you can do to keep the shells slowed. The best slowing option is if you have an afflication warlock use curse of exhaustion. A slow of 70% just makes them laughably easy to dodge but make sure they keep it applied as much as possible. Just figure out what is going to help you keep the shells under control and of course, don't get hit by them during the fight.

As in the normal mode, during the last bit of Tortos' health, he starts calling the spinning turtles over and over again so you'll be overwhelmed by them. Just start ignoring them and burn the boss. Make sure your assigned shell kicker has enough shells to both interrupt the breath and also keep the dps buff up on the boss. Honestly, the biggest cuase of wipes in this fight will be the tank getting owned by the bats so try to figure that part out while people are learning to deal with their shields and you'll save yourself a ton of learning time.

So in summary, keep your shields up, kill turtles and bats, kick shells appropriately and you'll have a kill. Thanks for watching and please subscribe, comment and or like this video if you found it helpful. Have a good one!