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Thread: [A] <Satellite> US-Dragonblight Late Night 25 Man

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    Lightbulb [A] <Satellite> US-Dragonblight Late Night 25 Man

    Satellite is a late night PST 25-man guild located on Dragonblight
    (raid times are 9PM-12AM PST(midnight- 3am EST), Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday).

    Current progression
    11/12 25-man in Throne of Thunder

    6/6 25-man in Mogu’shan Vaults
    6/6 25-man in Heart of Fear
    4/4 25-man in Terrace of Endless Spring.

    6/6 10-man in Mogu’shan Vaults
    2/6 10-man in Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults
    6/6 10-man in Heart of Fear
    4/4 10-man in Terrace of Endless Spring.

    We are looking for additional raiders for current and future content. While progression is our goal, we understand that family or work can sometimes prevent you from raiding. In the limited time we have, we give 100% and expect nothing less from the folks we raid with.

    Our Loot System
    For our loot we use EPGP as we feel it helps to best distribute loot to players who are putting in the time and effort into moving our raid forward. (http://code.google.com/p/epgp/)

    We currently have Open Recruitment for:

    Healer: Closed
    Range DPS: Open
    Melee DPS: Open
    Tank: Closed
    Melee DPS/OS Tank: Open

    Satellite is always looking for exceptional players. If your class is currently not being recruited and you feel that you are an exceptional player, someone who can walk into a fight with little to no experience and complete all tasks given to them and more. Learn from mistakes and almost never repeat them. While always striving to do better and help the guild progress.

    Contact Us
    If you have any questions or fell like applying check us out at:


    Contact Wier, Hotspur, Matchstick( RealID: Matchstick#1936 ), Jessabelli, or Kuqla in-game on Dragonblight
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