Who are we?
Undying Resolution, a 25m US Elune raiding guild formed October 2010

Raid Days/Times:

Wed/Thur/Sun 8pm to 11pm EST (Server)

What we are looking for:

SPriests, Warlocks, Hunters

Our current progress:

1/12 H 25 ToT

What makes us unlike any other guild out there?
We're extremely well managed with a dedicated officer team that has decades of combined experience managing MMO guilds. We are mature with an average age over 30. We take great pride in the effort put forward by all of our members and we strive to leave no one behind.

No really, why should I check out you guys?
We have raided consistently & non stop every tier since WotLK, when we recruit it is for a raid spot not to warm a bench. If you are in the market for a semi-serious raid guild that doesn't demand HC experience you should really check us out!

How do I find you and who do I talk to?
Our officers:
Mindalen, Ranico, Zweibella, Lissanda, Malchome
Our bloggers:
Ponerya (Fel Concentration)
Lissanda (Restokin)
Juvenate (WTS Heals)
Effraeti (Awaiting the Muse)

Our portal:

Where can I read more about UR?
Our forums @ undyingresolution.com
Wowwiki - Undying Resolution
GuildOx - Undying Resolution
WoW Progress - Undying Resolution