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Thread: About to ding to 90, need gearing advice:

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    About to ding to 90, need gearing advice:

    Not sure if there's a sticky'd guide somewhere on the forums but I'm just about to hit level 90 on my hunter. I'm thinking of rolling Survival as this is what has been giving me the most DPS in instances leveling up. I usually am a PVPer but am very interested in going PVE for my hunter. I would like to know the fastest ways of gearing up my account. Is getting PvP gear a relatively decent strategy or should I just run heroics for the next few days?

    When you hit a new 90, what is your strategy to gearing up?

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    You want to reach the ilvl requirements for LFR and then run those for gear. Crafted gear depending on how much gold you want to spend, some boe's from the AH, some heroics to reach 460 ilvl and then 522 valorgear once you have enough valor.

    The new heroic scenario's reward 516 gear which is pretty nice for alts.

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    About to ding to 90, need gearing advice:

    Use your JP to get pvp epics. 476 versus 458 Jp blues. Then run lfr til your eyes bleed.

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    Heroic scenarios are a great way to rack up valor too. This is the first week I've valor capped in a long time. They take about 10-30 minutes depending on the scenario and how good/well geared your group is. If you beat the timing challenges you get bonus valor too.

    http://www.wowhead.com/guide=1240/mop-pve-gear-guide <- great guide for showing where to get what gear that you might need. Try to be as efficient as possible with your valor purchasing.

    Good luck!
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