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Thread: Need help with a tanking-Macro/-Addon

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    Need help with a tanking-Macro/-Addon


    I am an experienced Prot-Warrior with some extravagant interface-wishes :P.

    Here is the "problem" I am trying to solve [just creating a showcase here to make the problem clear]:

    Imagine a situation where 21 mobs have to be tanked by 2 tanks (Bob and me).
    I take 10 Mobs, and he takes 11. A random DPS (lets call him Leroy) aoe-aggros a caster-mob after 3 globals, which was previously tanked by Bob.

    I configured my Grid to show a red border around people with aggro, so I realize, that actionbar-tunneling-Leroy is in danger. My goal is to get the mob aggroed by Leroy into my target asap to taunt it off him.

    So what are my options here? Leroy is not targeting the mob so i can't click on him for targettarget-stuff and my Tidy-Plates:Threat-Plates show 11 red Mobs to click through because the 10 mobs being safely tanked by the other tank can't be differed from Leroy's nemesis.

    The only options I have are clicking through 11 (maybe even moving o.O) red nameplates or tabbing myself to death through 21 mobs until I got the right one.
    But that might be too long for Leroy ;-(.

    To wrap things up: I need a macro/Addon that makes the mob aggroed by my actual target my new target.
    If there are several mobs, it would be great if the mob where he has most aggro on would be chosen - but thats optional stuff.

    My google-attempts as well as trying to build my own macro/Lua-Functions have failed so far [due to having only fundamental lua-knowledge and probably not the right ideas to implement it right].

    At least I have found a no more working addon providing some similar function: Tauntmaster: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/tauntmaster
    But I was not able to extract anything useful from it yet.

    So I ask you guys for help. I'd really appreciate it .

    Thanks in advance,

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    Can't do that.

    If Leroy keeps that mob in his target then you can use a Target=targettarget conditional in the taunt macro, however there is no guarantee that he will do that.

    see http://www.tankspot.com/showthread.p...856#post520856

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    Yeah unfortunately the macro system doesn't allow this type of thing, you're best bet is just to let leroy die so he can learn his lesson, or at least have him standing at a position so that you can clearly see where he is, and the mob that is hitting him. For the most part, all you can do is just tab cycle very fast and see which one has him targetted visually. Sorry to break it to ya =T

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    Thanks for the replies so far. Too bad that it seems to be quite impossible to realize .
    But its a very rare case at least so I will just live with the client-limitations.
    I will let you know here if I find sth. out against expectation.

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    There's a very adequate way to deal with this.

    Step 1) watch leroy die

    Step 2) /raid "what did we learn?"

    Step 3) ????

    Step 4) Profit
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