Soulriders of the Felwen, we are a casual 25 man raiding guild on EU-Shadowsong - Looking for DPS and 1 Healer to join our raiding team.

We're a steady progressor. We've been raiding pretty much 3 days a week since MC, trying to avoid any stressful guild drama. We've stuck with 25man raiding in Cata and MoP, as we've build up such a nice team over the years. As a consequence we're one of a handfull of Vanilla guilds remaining. So if your after a non-cliquey, non-dramary, non-stressy but with steady progression guild - give us a /w.

About Soulriders
We're a well established guild, started raiding MC in early 2006, finished BWL and finally downed Twin Emps just before TBC. We've gradually progressed through SSC/TK and finished T6 content on the 8th September, when Illidan fell to the Soulriders. We've gone through Wrath and Cataclysm, and we are currently progressing nicely in ToT.

We're a 3 raid a week guild, 25 man guild with 60%+ attendance required.

Current Progress
MSV 6/6 25N
MSV 2/6 25H
HOF 6/6 25N
TOES 4/4 25N

TOT 11/12 25N

Raiding Times:
Tues: 19:30 (invites) -> 23:00
Thurs: 19:30 (invites) -> 23:00
Sunday 19:30 (invites) -> 23:00

What are we looking for:
Recruitment is always open to exceptional players, as always with a large 25 man roster we are always on the lookout for players.

What sort of player will fit in well
We're after mature players who want a relaxed raiding experience and progress at the same time. 'Relaxed' in that everyone is doing their best. How to apply

Have a look at our Forums ( where you can post an app, or create a char on Shadowsong-EU and /w an officer (Tipton, Bacchanalian or Nemesisx).

Or talk to me (Battletag is Tipton#1663)