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Thread: Need some tanking advice

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    Need some tanking advice

    Hey guys,

    I raid lead and tank for a casual 10man guild on my paladin. We don't get a tonne of raiding time per week currently at 12/12 normal with only 1 Lei Shen kill so far.

    My gear is pretty decent (519 avg ilvl) and I read plenty of guides/know my class pretty well - currently gemming/reforging to hit & exp hardcaps then putting everything into haste, averaging about 40% SotR uptime on most fights. I prioritise my holy power generators and use my cd's as effectively as I can but I still feel like Im taking too much damage from normal mode bosses and I should be able to get higher than 40% SotR uptime.

    Ill put some links to armory and WoL below. Any comments/advice would be much appreciated!



    Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...kyrie/advanced

    WoL (Megaera): http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/9...?s=7166&e=7606

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    Well, you logged in your Ret gear, so can't look at that.

    SS up-time looks good on the first 5 bosses, all between 96% and 98%. On Ji-kun either WoL glitched or you weren't even spec'd into it, and on Durumu you only used it twice.
    Ability usage: looks like Judgement is being used (on average) about once every 7.5 seconds varying form fight to fight. Jikun stands out though, with it being used once every 10.8 seconds, although you did spend some time dead on that fight. And then your best fight, Durumu, you used it once every 6.2 seconds.

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