A warm Hello to my future 1-90 leveling buddy!

I am looking to start a new Alliance Panda Monk and want s1 to level 1 to 90 together with through RaF who is available to play Mon-Fri 9am-4pm +5EST. I live in NY. Don't mind creating an alliance toon on a server of your choice or even a European server.

I am looking for s1 who is mature (I am 33) and who already has a main toon that is an accomplished/geared MoP raider and willing to share that knowledge so that you may be able to help me get into your raiding guild or another raiding guild that needs a Main spec'd Healer combined with Tank as secondary spec. My goal is to start raiding as soon as we hit 90. Also will need your help to cover gold for bags/professions/mount skills/etc unless you are willing to create an alt on Stormrage where my main is still 80 but has plenty of gold from 3 years ago. Lol....yep its definitely been awhile. Too bad no interest is accrued on gold in game. Haha. And yes, please have a good sense of humor as I am also hoping to establish a nice friendship. It is called Recruit A FRIEND after all.

Currently I only have the following days available to work on power leveling to 90 together so will need you to also be flexible. I can of course be flexible with your available days as well. All times and dates are subject to change as real life obligations come first. I can't stand nerd raging. Lol. Of course I will let you know ahead of time as that is just common courtesy.

Monday May 6th
Tuesday May 7th
Friday May 10th

Monday May 13th
Friday May 17th

Monday May 20th
Wednesday May 22nd
Thursday May 23rd
Friday May 24th

Monday May 27th
Tuesday May 28th
Wednesday May 29th
Thursday May 30th
Friday May 31st

All my available days listed above are from 9am-4pm. EST. Also any shorter block of time you are available to play between those hours is more than fine with me too.

I will buy my own xpacs and 60Day game time so you will be guaranteed a mount.

If you believe you can meet all my needy (yes I am of the female type) requirements for an RAF power leveling buddy, please email me and tell me a little about yourself.