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Thread: Jin'rohk Heroic 10m Guide

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    Jin'rohk Heroic 10m Guide

    Starting a new set of raid guides and have the first two up. At least 3 more on the way for my current heroic progression fights, hopefully more as we down stuff. First up, Jinrohk Heroic.

    Hello, this is your Pal Pallie and welcome to my new series of raid guides called Git R Raid. This is tier 15 Heroic Throne of Thunder and first up is Jinrok the Breaker. This encounter has few changes from normal mode and serves as a good heroic starter boss that requires 2 tanks, any mix of dps and 2 to 3 heals in 10 man mode. I will assume you are familiar with the mechanics in the normal mode and just focus in on the changes for heroic as well as any adjustments in strategy.

    The two big changes to this fight are Ionization and a more hectic lightning storm phase. Ionization is a debuff that gets placed on the entire raid except the tanks. It has a timer of around 25 seconds and when it is dispelled or expires, the player affected will explode for a decent amount of nature damage in a small radius. If Ionization goes off inside the conductive water puddle, you will kill everyone in the puddle no questions asked. Don't be inthe puddle when it explodes!

    There are many ways to deal with ionization but first off, there are some classes that have "get out of jail free cards." Classes like hunters, druids with hunter symbiosis, and mages among others can use their immunities BEFORE ionization goes out and completely avoid the mechanic. Beyond that, it is probably recommended for healers to move out of the conductive water and dispel themselves of the debuff as soon as possible. Damage is usually low at that point. Otherwise, the debuff runs out a few seconds before lightning storms starts so getting people back up quickly will be priority and not having to worry about your own health as a healer would be helpful.

    With respect to the more hectic lightning storm phase, that phase is no longer a "stack up and heal" type phase. All throughout the phase lightning bolts will be hitting the ground sending lightning balls all over the place. They won't one shot you, but they hurt so they must be avoided as much as possible.

    That's pretty much it in terms of changes. Everything else from normal mode applies so I'll just quickly summarize that for each role before we talk any additional strategy points.

    Tanks, taunt off for static Burst, get tossed into pillars, and survive everything. You may want to worry a bit more about which pillar you get thrown into so the room doesn't get split in half by electrified water, but thats about the only additional worry. In case you didn't already know this from normal mode, the pillar you are furthest away from is the one that you will get thrown to so position yourself accordingly to get your face smashed into the right pillar.

    Heals, kite lightning orbs to the outside, dispel the people that you are supposed to for ionization, and heal through the lightning phase hardcore.

    Melee dps, you just dps. Ranged dps, you need to dps and kite lightning orbs. And all dps will have to do what they need to do for dealing with Ionization which for the most part is either avoiding it through an immunity or letting it expire while you are outside of the puddle. Easy peasy.

    So lets talk strategy. There really isn't anything to change in the normal phases of the fight. Stand in the puddles for dps and healing increases, don't explode the orbs in the water and deal with Ionization. However, you will probably want to figure out what to do in lightning storm ahead of time.

    I'd recommend at least splitting the raid in 2 and having the groups be loosely on one quarter of the room each. The lightning strikes feel like they target concentrated groups so give yourself space. Obviously put a heal in each group and do what you want for raid CDs. Unfortunately, Tranq is not a very good raid CD here due to it being channeled, but devo aura, healing tide and other ones are good. The disc priest shield barrier is somewhat useful if you put it down where people can run in and out of it conveniently. The raid damage going out is lower than on normal mode unless people get clipped by orbs so its all on your raid team to avoid the orbs as much as possible and survive.

    One big thing that everyone needs to be aware of is that Jinrohk stops casting lightning storm but there are always a lot of orbs still flying around so don't relax when the phase seems to end. Keep dodging until you don't need to dodge no more.

    Really this fight comes down to executing normal mode strategy, dealing with Ionization, and then surviving the storm. If everyone can stay alive through 3 puddles, most groups will have no problem downing it around that time. He does enrage during the last lightning storm for the 4th puddle.

    That's all for this guide on the heroic Jinrohk encounter in Throne of Thunder. Thanks for watching and please subscribe, comment and/or like this video if you found it helpful. Have a good one!
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