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Thread: Need a little help

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    Need a little help

    Hey all i am currently tanking for my guilds 10man group we are on normal,  and i have having some dps blues so to speak.  I am a haste pally so from what i understand is i should do some decent dps not chart topping by any means but more than the 50k to 60k i do (other than AOE where i do good).  It really hasn't come into play until primordius where i can barley if at all kill the blobs myself for the buff.  It could just be me or it could be my gear or a combination of both or i could also be wrong about having decent dps lol.  we don't have any current logs but i will put a link to my armory to see if maybe someone can see things i am missing or should change.  Thanks in advance for looking at my post take care and have fun out there


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    In my experience that is fairly normal. In my 10 man group we have our hunter kill the blobs for our druid tank at the start and then once the druid tank is transformed we have him taunt and we do some cleave/aoe to the blobs trailing the boss to get the prot warrior transformed before he has to taunt. Until we started doing that it took them about 2 or 3 taunt cycles to get transformed. That is with both tanks around a 530 ilvl.

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    When you have tanked the boss, you should have a debuff that makes it easier for you to kill the blobs. Use Seal of Truth when killing blobs the first time, after that use Seal of Righteousness.

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