Respect is a 10m horde adult raiding guild on the Thunderhorn server (CST).

Our raid times are Tue-Wed-Thur from 7:30-10:30 cst. (Possibly moving Tue to Mon due to some conflicts)

We are currently looking for a 1-2 raiders for our roster.

We are presently any raiders, but dps with os heals or tanking would be a plus

We are currently 8/12 N ToT.

In Respect we highly value the character of our membership, and as such we believe that real life comes before your video game pastime.

We believe that in game, you should act in a responsible manner towards the people of your community, much as you should in the world around you.
If you think its great fun to spam general chat in raids with discussion of your leetness, then this is not the guild for you. If you are more concerned about your next loot drop than the progression of your guild mates, this is not the guild for you, and if you think it's fun to berate people because you think you are better than they are, then this is definitely not the guild for you.

However, this is the guild for you if

You enjoy serious end game raiding in a light hearted, but focused environment.
You can play your toon in a capable manner in a raid environment. (Get out of the Fire!)
You understand that no loot system is perfect and are comfortable without dkp. (We use /roll, more info on our website)
You don't flip out and gquit when you don't get the drop you wanted.
You are eager to learn about your class and really enjoy raiding.
You get along with your guild mates and enjoy social interaction.

A few perks of being a Respect Raider
Raiding enchants are provided by the guild when available.
Free repairs.
Stable and calm raiding environment. (5+ years since inception, same leadership) For more information, and to apply, please visit our website

Thank you.