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Thread: Prot Pala Haste build "lie"

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    Prot Pala Haste build "lie"

    Hello again,
    Basically I was told by a fellow Protadin with way less gear than me that he was able to mitigate 80% of the damage or more during fights like Durumu with 10% haste (4k) and macroing Sacred Shield to Shield of the Righteous and using it with 3 HP and never stacking to 5. I honestly think it has no sense with that amount of haste. I checked on a few top Prot Palas and their amount of haste is even higher than my 23%. Could anyone explain this? Is it even possible? Here's a link to my armory for reference http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...3%AFx/advanced and I tank on a 10 man. A stam trinket would be better than my current haste one?

    Is there any haste "cap" for us? Or a point where it doesnt really make any difference? How much haste would be required for a close 100% uptime of SotR?

    Thank you very much, I know there's a lot of questions. Thank you for your time
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    Total damage reduction is not a good tool for measuring Tank survivability. who cares if its possible or not

    i wouldn't recommend macroing Sacred Shield to ShotR, or macroing ShotR to anything uless you are atypically bad at managing holy power and timing your active mitigations. Likewise i wouldn't say strictly using ShotR at 3 or 5 or X holy power is optimal; Of course you should use it at 5 to avoid wastign further Holy power generation, but you shouldn't be afraid of using it at 3 or 4, if you've just taken a big spike, or know you are about to.

    for 100% ShotR uptime you would need to be producing in excess of 1HP/s so would need to bring both CS and Judgement down to a 2s CD or less, so about 200% haste (with more to overcome latency). THis would probably be a point where you would see a fall off in the value of Haste, Other points would be where the GCD hits the 1s mark, and point at which you get a Sacred shield for every boss attack.

    Stamin froim trinkets is good, but don't feel that you need to have it for 10 man progression.
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    HoPo/s gain is around 0.426 with zero haste. It scales pretty much linearly, so having 10% haste would give you about (0.426*1.1=0.4868) HoPo/s. This gives you a maximum ShoR uptime of about 48.68%. While you can mitigate a lot of the incoming damage as a Paladin, 80% is a bit of an over-estimation in my opinion.

    Don't forget that a decent amount of the tank damage on Durumu depends on the healers getting you to 100% as soon as Hard Stare lands to remove the DoT. I use Hand of Purity to effectively remove half of the bleeds (-70% DoT damage, -10% to everything for 6 seconds).

    50% melee haste will see your ability cooldowns starting to clash with the Global Cooldown. I would say that this is the first "plateau" (even if plateau is completely the wrong word).

    You need approximately 250% haste to have 100% ShoR uptime, however if you play around with the PvP 4-set bonus and Divine Purpose you can get it at a much lower haste amount, although this would mean losing out on a lot of primary stats (about 50k life for one thing when comparing four 496 pieces to T15 level pieces, not including the three sockets on the chest and pants).

    IIRC about 400% haste is when the SS refresh occurs more frequently than the boss can swing and 600% is the point at which you can simply cast Judgment on cooldown and nothing else (1 second CD).

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    That's what I thought. The only viable reason to macroing it seems to be to blindly overlap SS which is useless imo unless you cant time it. And yes, I time my SotR as needed (For Snapping Bite during Tortos for ex). It made no sense to me that 4k haste would be the necessary amount for a higher uptime than mine (50%+ depending on the fight). I just wanted to make sure there was nothing else I could do to improve my tanking. I usually stay with my haste trinket except for Megaera when that extra health can make it easier for heals while tanking red heads for ex combined to HoP. Thank you very much for the quick answers (:

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