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Thread: I need help! Arms Warrior vs. Holy Paladin

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    I need help! Arms Warrior vs. Holy Paladin

    With the advent of 5.1 removing gag order, it looks like an even more grim situation when facing a healadin 1 on 1. They wear plate armor, most spec sacred shield, and they pretty much heal themselves of any damage I do while throwing denounce/holy shock at me, and pummel and mass spell reflect have cds (not to mention a smart caster can hold off and let a SR time out or just eat it with something minor). They simply spam heals and denounce to outlast me.

    I have all the snares in the world, but Blizzard will take away my only silence, and I have two interrupts and two reflects at max (through talents) ? I really need some help here because I need a way to kill holy paladins on my warrior because it's frustrating not to mention embarrassing I've played my warrior since TBC and it's downright embarrassing that healadins can simply outlast me nowadays. Yes I am stacking PvP Power, but when they get low they flash of light it and that's a hard one to time a pummel on.

    What do I do? They're everywhere, seeking me out, and killing any fun I have because I'm immediately put to shame when a healadin kills me.
    "Listen up, baddies" was the first three words those 3 from the same guild on another server said to us. We later wiped on trash.....twice.

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    Not having a silence anymore greatly hinders your ability to take down healers. What you do have, however, is stuns and fears and the like. I have pretty much given up on Avatar, its nice if you have a pally for hand of freedom but just 1 on 1 you will get rooted or something so pfft. I use storm bolt now and in conjunction with shockwave, that applies a pretty stable stun. Things you can also do is disarm- greatly reduces healing, you can fear to buy you time to get your stuns off cool down. you can hamstring to slow them down or just glyph crippling blow. You just have to stay on them and time your cool downs correct and force them to use powerful defensive cooldowns, once those are used burst em down. Be ready to shattering throw. Id also pool your rage up for a bit and then unleash it all in bursts because it forces them to have an emergency response.

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    Apply pressure to the paladin, wait for him to make a lapse in judgement, because its when he's letting his health near 75% when you have you're chance. I do my best to make him trinket and use his bubble, then I pop all cooldowns and hit him with Shockwave. If you didn't make him pop his trinket, it's you're job to stay on his ass. Use pummel, intimidating shout, and charge to interrupt him. With that you have a decent shot of taking him down. Remember he may feel overpowered, but that's his job, to heal. If it was easy to take him out, no one would enjoy holy paladins

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