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Thread: Infraction for Lumiran: Whining

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    Infraction for Lumiran: Whining

    Post: PST - Episode 124
    User: Lumiran
    Infraction: Whining
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    Administrative Note:
    Completely uncalled for

    Message to User:
    This was completely uncalled for. I'm sorry that you didn't like the episode, but there's no excuse for this sort of behavior.

    Original Post:
    I have been watching PST since about ep 40. I feel like this was one of the worst thought out episodes ever. I think you are worried more about your RL issues or whatever your new "announcement" is (which will probably take even more away from the quality of this website) than actually producing good commentary. Most of this is reruns of last few legendary/marmots or just unoriginal in general. Here's all you need to know for PST 124...1) Probably not. 2) Yes 3) Movement... 4) Yes, but levels 1-89 should be sufficient experience 5) Obviously 6) Dumbs down the game and creates stupid situations when tanks out damage dps frequently. 7) Yes, play for a year=orange. 8) No!

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    Infraction for Lumiran: Whining

    I'm not saying he's right by any means, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Now, he could have said that with a lot more tact, but hey....whatever floats his boat, right? IMO, if you don't like it, don't look at it.

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