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Thread: PST - Episode 124

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    PST - Episode 124

    This week:
    0:47 - Will we ever be able to increase our max mana pools with gear again?
    7:08 - Should tier sets always be best in slot?
    13:36 - Why do Pet Battles get a spectator mode when Arenas/RBG's don't?
    16:29 - Could Blizzard use scenarios to teach tanks/healers how to perform their roles?
    20:29 - Will we see Turalyon and Alleria in the next expansion?
    24:23 - How do you feel about the Vengeance mechanic?
    33:26 - Will the legendary weapon at the end of the chain be the same item level for all raid difficulties?
    39:02 - Should LFR be on the same raid lockout as normal and heroic?
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    I love the idea for Alleria and Turalyon. It would be interesting when they are found that they might possibly be corrupt by Sargeras or they teamed up with Illidan possibly.

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    Lore stop being so Evil Genius with Announcement of announcement of announcement! >.< Such a tease.

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    I too have a theory about Turalyon and Alleria. I have a theory that the end of the Beyond The Dark Portal human campaign straight up says Draenor is dying, the Dark Portal is closed, and so your character and your forces jump into one of Ner'zhul's other portals. The fact that Danath and Khadgar stayed behind is a partial retcon, but I will eat my helm if a future expansion doesn't someday take us Beyond-er Other Dark Portals to find them.

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    That vengeance tank swap thing is very annoying with a bear tank in the group with all the bleeds. I've seen our druid tank double our warrior tanks threat gen during the warrior's taunt time just with bleed ticks with crazy amounts of vengeance.

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    I agree that vengeance is convoluted Lore, but at the same time I think it needs to be. Tanks need the damage buff to generate threat, but you only want them to have the buff while they're actually tanking to prevent them from becoming dps that don't die. In the past they've just used flat threat buffs for tanks, but the issue with that is that pre-vengeance tank threat doesn't really scale with gear (since most of the stats and class mechanics are focused on survival, not damage), while dps threat does scale with gear. By the end of an expansion dps are probably doing nearly triple the damage they did at the start of the expansion and so they're also generating triple the threat, tanks on the other hand (without vengeance) don't really do that much more damage, so while tanks may start an expansion doing well on threat, by the end of the expansion dps will close that gap (factor in things like lfg/lfr where you can get first tier tanks geared with final tier dps and the issue gets much worse). Vengeance on the other hand, even though it doesn't scale with gear, does scale with boss damage, which means that it allows tanks to do more damage and more threat as the expansion goes on and lets them keep ahead of the dps.

    In other words, I don't think there's a simple way to fix it without making things much worse in other areas. It's convoluted because it needs to be. Tank swaps can be annoying now, but usually it's just a matter of laying off for a little bit.

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