<Pleasure Town> is a fun-loving but mature 10-man raiding guild formed in early 2010. We are currently recruiting skilled, ambitious and competent healer (either Priest or Monk) to fill out our core group roster for further progression in heroic modes.

Group progress: 12/12 normal ToT, 2/13 heroic ToT.
Raid times: Tue-Thu: 9:00 PM - 12:00 PM CST with occasional off-nights to accomodate raid progression.
Website: http://pleasuretown.guildlaunch.com
Loot distribution: Loot Council

Main requirements:
- progression level is around or above our current guild progress;
- must have killed or attempted heroic horridon/tortos/ji-kun/iron qon;
- 515+ ilvl gear;
- raid capable rig with stable connection and clear mic;
- good knowledge of your class (both specs), its utilities and features (talents, glyphes, etc.);
- knowledge of all t15 fights mechanics (normal & heroic);
- two maxed main professions with raiding perks;
- must be doing legendary questline;
- must be able to log in early enough before raid for invite and be on time for summons and to clear trash;
- must be interested in raiding whole expansion.

Please apply on our site if you're interested --> http://pleasuretown.guildlaunch.com

The ideal candidate will:
- link his/her healing logs;
- list main addons he/she uses for raids, basic macros;
- link screen shot of his/her UI (preferably in raid environment);
- list his/her heroic progression and experience for previous tiers (while the content was relevant);
- list web sites he/she uses to dig tips, guides, starts for your class and healers in general;
- agree to be tested in LFR or cross realm t14 raid;
- be interviewed in vent after test run.

For more information you can send in game messages to officers: Iflassman / Ananoon (GM), Iseun (Officer), Yuriah (Healer Officer).

Add Iflassman via real ID for any questions: iflassman#1462.