Hey guys, I wasn't happy with a few of the existing interrupt announcement addons and the one I was using had deprecated, so I decided to fork an old one and update it a bit. I put it up @ Curse a few months ago and haven't seen any major feedback, so I would appreciate if ya'll can take a look: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/dispelannouncer

I find it pretty useful for continuing interrupt rotations and for reminding other ppl (especially in pugs) that there are things that can be dispelled / interrupted on the mobs they're working on. It's pretty decent for communicating in PvP as well.

I was also planning on adding a disarm announcement in a future version.

Along the same lines, I put together a nameplate theme for Tidy Plates a couple years ago: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/tidyplates-simple
Trying to keep the nameplates pretty clean and minimal for everyone, while at the same time making friendly nameplates useful for healers by showing only the ones for toons that need healing. Since the latest patch, there seems to have been some changes that required me to enable 'comaptibility mode' in the base Tidy Plates addon in order to show the nameplates at the intended position. Things are looking ok on my side, but I could use a few more testers that can verify it works in their environments.

Thanks for your time,