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Thread: Cognition 25M Horde Raiding Guild Kil'Jaeden

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    Cognition 25M Horde Raiding Guild Kil'Jaeden

    H-Kil’jaeden-US] <Cognition> 25man LF DPS/Healers

    Cognition is a guild dedicated to raiding success. We have been around for
    nearly 4 years. Our goal is to progress through all the end game content WoW has
    to offer quickly and efficiently while also maintaining a friendly and fun
    environment. We will accomplish many great things and are always looking for
    players who share the drive in conquering new content. We are a 25 man raiding
    guild located on Kil'Jaeden (PVP-PST zone)

    We are looking for players who still consider themselves hardcore gamers who
    find that the server’s raid guilds and raid times don’t fit their schedule when
    having to deal with real life, and family commitments. We organize raids on set
    schedules (3 hours per night) and maximizing what we accomplish in a shorter
    window (9 hours per week) to allow more time for real life to happen. Thus, we
    expect 100% attendance and 110% performance from our raiding core.

    1. You must be willing to conduct yourself in a mature, honorable, and
    respectful fashion in dealings with other players, especially your guild mates.
    2. When not raiding, we expect guild members to do whatever in the game they
    like to do. When it comes time to raid, we expect and demand things get serious.
    3. Follow orders; if an Officer tells you to jump into a fiery pit of lava, jump
    into the fiery pit of lava. If this action causes a wipe, it is the Officer's or
    Raid Leader's fault for giving the order, not yours for disobeying it. This is
    not to say you cannot disagree with strategy and set forth suggestions, but
    strategy is discussed before and after Raids, not during. That time is focused
    on execution.
    4. You must know your class and how it fits in a group.
    5. Failure to respect the rules set forth in guild raids/groups can result in
    your removal from the group and possibly from the guild.
    6. You must dedicate yourself to the advancement of guild goals. The good news
    is, here, you will have input to those goals as a member. Cognition is led by
    Ozymandius and he always listens to members thoughts before setting a direction.
    7. While we enjoy having a good time, we expect players to treat raiding with us
    like a commitment.
    8. Ideally Recruits should have experience with raiding and be working towards
    wearing near best-in-slot for their respective experience level. However, the
    guild is more concerned with your skill as a player than we are with your
    current gear level. Skill 10x > Gear.

    General Requirements:
    1.If you sign up to a raid, you show up; period. Do not expect to be given
    priority over someone who can show more dedication.
    2.We use loot council to distribute loot upgrades for main spec then off spec.
    3.All loot awarded to guild members will be tracked. The officers have the right
    to make sure loot gets distributed to all members.
    4.We use MUMBLE for our VOIP application.

    For more specifics please see the "About Cognition" Post in the Public section
    at our website.

    Current Progression:
    T14 Normal: 6/6 Mogu'Shan Vaults, 6/6 Heart of Fear, 4/4 Terrace of Endless
    T14 Heroic: 3/6 Mogu'Shan Vaults
    T15 Normal: 12/12 (10man), 6/12 (25man) Throne of Thunder

    Raid Time:
    Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday clean up (if any)
    630pm to 930pm PST (server), 930-1230am EST
    Raid invites at 615pm PST (server), 915pm EST
    First pull at 625pm PST (server), 925pm EST

    Current Opening:
    3 DPS: preferred ranged, no hunter or monk
    3 Healers: none discipline priest or mistweaver monk
    Any exceptional player

    How to Apply:
    http://Cognition.guildlaunch.com (see the ‘Apply to Guild’ link on the right
    A meeting will be set up in game or on mumble to discuss applications

    Contact Us in Game:
    Guild Leader: Ozymandius
    Officers: Drunkenfu, Dommi, Mezzulmoxx, Elienari, Phaqfu
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