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Thread: New guild comprised of players formerly of U.S. 25 or better ranked guilds.

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    New guild comprised of players formerly of U.S. 25 or better ranked guilds.

    We are a newly formed guild on Grizzly Hills Server.
    We are comprised of players with experience through 6/13H ToT.
    What we are looking for is other players who may wish to take top guild on this server but in a more relaxed manner than they are currently accustomed to. Yes, we intend to clear all current content through heroic. Yes we are looking for players who are above the average cut when it comes to ability and commitment to a raid schedule. Yes we have minimum standards for the players that we will accept. However we are not looking for U.S. 50 or above any longer.

    We are looking for solid no drama raiding in an adult atmosphere.

    Our raid times are 7:30 to 10:30 CST.

    Our current primary needs are a co tank that will fit well with our current Prot Pally and a Holy paladin along with a mage and warlock who can deliver 150k single target reliably.

    We have moved to the number six position here after 2 days raiding with pugged in players. Come help us take sever firsts.

    You can feel free to battle tag me at Inj#1944 if you are interested or have any questions

    Look forward to hearing from you.<span style="display: none;" data-cke-bookmark="1">&nbsp;</span>
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