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Thread: Did I get these weights right?

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    Did I get these weights right?

    Using custom weighting on MrRobot, but I'm not sure I got the weight ratios correct.

    The weights I used (based on Tengestein's Harsh Words thread):

    My results:

    Note: Pre-raid, tier 14, no valor items. In case anyone wonders why the items are a bit low level.

    It looks about right to me, though I wonder why I can't seem to get my expertise to the cap.

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    Stat wieghts change as you aquire more stats, so gear changes will affect the exact stat weights, and whilst the secondary stats willl remain in roughly the same priority, the value of stamina is dependant on the content you're doing.

    You can't get the expertise cap becuase there just aren't enough secondary stats on your gear to reach it, everything reforged to hit or expertise. It probably worth putting a Guardians purple in that Blue slot if you can.
    Harsh Words and Steel: A Protection Warrior Guide
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