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Thread: How to improve?

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    Thanks, we had a few attempts on Council before the end of the night although we didn,t down it, it seems more manageable than Horridon.

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    Just adding my thanks to everyone that took time and trouble to reply.

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    It takes until Dorumu before you get to a fight that's as initially difficult as Horridon, imo.
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    One intangible that hasn't been mentioned yet is breaking the barrier of the glass ceiling by admitting your faults: There is always something one can improve on, even multi-Gladiators and Rank Ones. Instead of arguing with each other after a match over who screwed up or what someone could have done better, calmly address the problems that you encountered during the match and what could have been done to ameliorate them the next time around. (In the case of PvE raiders, as long as nobody died in the fire, you're good to talk about how stuff went down rationally.)

    I got Gladiator in Seasons 3-5 and my pally partner had the patience of a real life monk. We never would have done as well if we had been arguing after every match.

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    well i'm new here so i can learn things here

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