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Thread: PST Rapid Fire! Round 18

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    PST Rapid Fire! Round 18

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    Lore - I just wanted to point out...I have three hunters. And damn would I love to be able to share my pets across my hunters.

    Why do I want them account bound, you ask? Simple. they are on three different servers.

    As for it greatly altering the experience of leveling -- I have to disagree with you there too; I'll use two different pets for the entirety of my leveling experience. Why, you ask? Spider for Pvp - Wolf for PvE - and if I'm feeling the need to i'll pick up a third at higher levels to tank for me (which is typically a turtle).

    At this point you may be saying - well, why do you want more pets anyway since you won't use them while leveling anyway? Because it would be nice to have the variety (and utility) but I'm not going to go hunting for them again when I need the hunter to be at Max lvl yesterday.

    Just sayin ~~ Kym
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    I also have 2 hunters 1 alliance 1 horde. I used to play my alliance almost exclusively through about mid Cata. Now I play my horde almost exclusively. The spirit pets would be great to see account bound as with CRZ some are near impossible to get anymore with camp fest slaughters going on (horde toon is on a PVP server which before MoP didn't really see a whole lot of WPvP but now it's a whole new world out there) I have most on my alliance toon from way back. Would like to get them on my horde toon but as of yet since it hasn't been top priority I haven't been succesful at hunting them down again.

    Not an overly huge issue but it would be kind of nice since my mounts are account bound and I only had to hunt them down once for all my toons to use them.

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